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Syrian refugee children face a bitter winter

Children and families seeking refuge in Lebanon and Jordan are bearing the brunt of winter’s cold.

Gift Catalog: Give a gift. Change a life.

Browse our gift catalog of more than 100 items that bring help and hope to children, families, and communities.

Crisis in Syria: What do Americans think?

A recent poll found that most Americans are not aware of the enormity of the conflict in Syria.

Top humanitarian crises to watch in 2014

Our disaster response experts identify six humanitarian emergencies to follow this year.

Video: What peace means to Syrian refugee children

More than 1 million Syrian children have been forced from their homes. A few share their dreams for peace.

Tips for maximizing your charitable tax deductions

Check out a few tips to help ensure you gain the maximum tax benefit from your donations.

Village uses alert system to stop child sacrifice

In parts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. But an alert system is helping to recover abducted children.

What impact does your dollar have?

Did you know that for each dollar donated, more than a dollar’s worth of goods and services reaches the field?

Progress to End Poverty

You want proof. You're a numbers person. You care about children and want to invest in a charity that creates sustainable solutions to the root causes of poverty. Welcome to the team.

11 million disaster survivors, refugees, and displaced people assisted in in 2013.

11 million disaster survivors,
refugees, and displaced people
assisted in 2013.

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Impacting 1,650 communities in nearly 100 countries

1,650 communities
in nearly 100 countries.


Sponsorship helps children, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty.

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