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Driving Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We continue to expand opportunities to leverage multidisciplinary collaboration across the university, which:

  • Encourages iterative thinking by bringing together diverse academic perspectives
  • Strengthens our culture of innovation
  • Creates a safe environment for tackling some of the world’s biggest problems, taking risks, and learning from failures

The Startup Garage, taught by Stefanos Zenios, is an example of how our cross-functional approach leverages expertise from students with backgrounds in political economy, earth sciences, software engineering, and other disciplines. Students receive weekly coaching from investors on how to pitch VCs and get feedback from practitioners on product development. Early-stage companies such as BipSync, a software management tool for hedge fund managers, and Spark, a LinkedIn-type website for blue-collar workers, are just two of the ventures in development.

In addition to courses like Startup Garage or BioDesign Innovation, a program managed jointly by Stanford GSB and the School of Medicine, we continue to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration through the joint and dual degrees we offer. This fall, Stanford GSB is offering its fifth three-year joint degree — students can earn both an MBA and an MS in computer science from the School of Engineering.