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Maneuvering for Global Impact

For some time, we have wanted to extend our impact beyond Stanford GSB with the twin goals of:

  1. Sharing faculty research and insights with influencers across the globe.
  2. Learning from others so that we can bring those lessons back to our classrooms.

This year we established programs in Africa and South Asia that will allow us to connect with business leaders seeking greater access to innovation and entrepreneurship training.

Scaling Companies in West Africa

In July, Stanford GSB established the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies’ first regional innovation center in Accra, Ghana, serving West Africa. Known as SEED, the institute aims to improve the lives of people in poverty on a massive scale through entrepreneurship and innovation. I am energized by the first group of Stanford GSB alumni who are providing training and coaching to business leaders in Ghana for six months as part of the center’s efforts to help scale businesses in the region.

Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India and France

participants in the Stanford Ignite programIn August, Stanford GSB kicked off Stanford Ignite in Bangalore, India, the school’s first global, non-degree certificate program aimed at teaching entrepreneurship and innovation to a cohort of more than 40 non-business, technical professionals. The nine-week program has been taught at Stanford GSB for the past eight years. The global program is taught exclusively by Stanford GSB faculty using in-class lectures and distance-learning technology. Earlier this month, 30 students began the Stanford Ignite in Paris, where we have established a partnership with École Polytechnique, France’s leading technology university.

Initiatives for Alumni Closer to Home

We organized three Business of Change events in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago as part of the school’s 14-city series of alumni events. Each event featured a reception and presentations by three faculty members, who lectured on topics ranging from “Decisions and the Instinctual Brain” to “The Prospects for Low-Carbon Energy.”

By sharing the experiences of students with our alumni, we look forward to strengthening our ties to change agents making an impact across the globe. This fall we are planning Business of Change events in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.

In addition, we are energized by the arrival of Stephanie Frost, our new associate dean for External Relations, who will manage our Development and Alumni Relations offices.