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An overview of YouTube's resources for creators


Thanks for creating with YouTube

While you're busy making amazing videos, we're working hard to keep them streaming seamlessly and to grow the collective YouTube audience (we just checked—it's over a billion). Below is a snapshot of some tools and resources to help you through different stages of your creative journey.

The first step is to verify your channel to unlock advanced product features.

Verify your channel
Here's what we've got for you All creators Verified channels Partners with 75,000 cumulative watch hours over the last 90 days

Free, unlimited HD uploads

YouTube Analytics

Audience engagement features: comments, subscribers, social features

Custom channel branding

Annotations and InVideo Programming

Creator Academy

Creator Playbook with tips and best practices

Help Center resources

Advanced product features (custom thumbs, series playlists, Associated Websites & Merch Annotations, Live*)

Eligible to apply for advanced programs (YouTube Space access and development programs)

Strategic and technical support

*Live requires at least 100 subscribers

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Monetize your videos

Through the YouTube Partner Program, you can enable your channel for monetization and your videos can earn revenue from ads on YouTube.

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Access to YouTube features—including those described above—always requires good standing and compliance with Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. If you are a YouTube Partner, we also expect you to comply with our Partner Program Policies. The eligibility guidelines above are not guarantees of continued access. YouTube may change the service or how certain features work, and may terminate access to features in its sole discretion. Admission to the YouTube Partner Program varies by country; learn more about which process applies to you or simply get started.

Nonprofit program

Does your organization have a compelling story to tell? If you’re a nonprofit partner, tell your organization's story through videos on YouTube.