Infrastructure development

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Power Generation

With independence and economic growth, there is a critical need to expand electricity generation, transmission and distribution to bring electricity to the majority of the population and support the development of other industries.


While the Government and donors have invested in some generation and distribution (link to capacity installed) capacity (3 new power plants and localized distribution networks built in Juba, Malakal and Wau) private investment in power infrastructure will be imperative in the next years.



Transportation Infrastructure

There is a critical need to upgrade South Sudan's transport infrastructure: local road and rail networks, international road and rail corridors to all neighboring countries and international and local airports.


  • 3500 km of roads targeted for completion in the near future (More than 5000km of roads constructed or rehabilitated)
  • New airport terminal in Juba to be completed by 3rd quarter 2011, and 5 regional airports are currently being rehabilitated
  • 2 ports along the Nile are under construction
  • Airport upgrade and management (Juba and 9 regional airports)


There is a huge potential for private investors to build and operate some of this infrastructure (link to the infrastructure map) on a for-profit basis. Several investors have invested in similar private infrastructure projects in other countries in the region.



Housing and Property Development

With independence, economic growth and urbanization, there is massive demand for investment in construction and property development:


  • Housing (at all price-points, from low-cost units to high-end developments),
  • Government buildings and facilities,
  • Commercial property for offices and retail and industrial zones (New businesses registrations have risen from 136 in 2005 to 2,136 in 2010)

Oil and Gas-Mining :|: Agribusiness :|: Manufacture and Services :|: Infrastructure Development