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Steve Palumbi diving at coral reef / Courtesy of Dan Griffin and Stave Palumbi

Stanford marine scientist's quest to save coral

More than half the world's coral reefs have died since the dawn of the industrial age, due to human activities and ever increasing ocean temperatures. Steve Palumbi has a plan for bringing them back to life.

Child drawing

Stanford researchers address malnutrition among China's rural babies

Poor nutrition and cognitive delays among rural children are a threat to China's economic health.

Flag of Scotland / Magcom/Shutterstock

Scottish independence vote is 'identity crisis' for the UK, Stanford faculty say

Stanford scholar Christophe Crombez says that a Scottish referendum on whether to exit the United Kingdom could leave the latter with an 'identity crisis' of sorts.

Lake Surprise, California / Anne Egger

Stanford scientists solve mystery of ancient American lakes

Vast Ice Age lakes in the western United States grew large due to a cooler climate and a reduced evaporation rate. The finding could help improve computer simulations of climate change.