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Tiny radio-on-a-chip resting on a penny/Photo: Courtesy of Amin Arbabian

Stanford engineers aim to connect the world with ant-sized radios

Costing just pennies to make, tiny radios-on-a-chip are designed to serve as controllers or sensors for the 'Internet of Things.'  Video

Brian Wandell portrait / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Stanford scientists map white matter connections within the human brain

Roughly 100 trillion connections between neurons allow the brain to function. Psychology Professor Brian Wandell's group has devised a better technique for mapping these connections. 

Woman sitting at a computer / Photo: TommL/iStock

The technology industry needs more women innovators, Stanford expert says

Stanford scholar Vivek Wadhwa says the technology industry must level the playing field for women by encouraging their startups and removing obstacles in their way.

Tinamus major bird / Daniel Karp

Diversified farming practices might preserve wildlife diversity, say Stanford biologists

A long-term study in Costa Rica has revealed that habitat destruction significantly reduces the incidence of evolutionarily distinct species.