K-12 Education

(l-r) Nitya Mani and Nancy Xu / Mike Abbott

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs offer a range of academically challenging opportunities

Middle and high school students who participated in Stanford's pre-collegiate programs took courses taught by Stanford scholars and enjoyed life on the Farm.

President John Hennessy

Stanford President John Hennessy urges teachers to become leaders and advocates

Hennessy spoke to teachers from the inaugural Hollyhock Fellowship for Teachers about educating in today's society and becoming leaders in their field.

students in math class / Lisa F. Young/Shutterstock

Extra time in math class does not a mathematician make, says Stanford researcher

Eric Taylor, a PhD student at Stanford University's Center for Education Policy Analysis, found that students who spent more of the school day in math class had higher math scores, but the gains did not last for long.

Raylene Monterroza, student plaintiff in Vergara v. State of California, at a press conference / AP Photo/Nick Ut

Vergara decision to drive reforms in teacher employment, Stanford experts say

Law Professor William Koski and Hoover Senior Fellow Eric Hanushek discuss the ramifications of the recent ruling, which could change the way teachers are hired and fired in the state and around the nation.

David Plank / Christopher Wesselman

New school funding could transform California schools, say Stanford scholars

California's school districts should rethink their budget priorities upon receiving new state funding in the years ahead. When voters approved Proposition 30 in 2012, they created an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent the state's troubled K-12 school system, according to a new report from Stanford's Policy Analysis for California Education.

Sean Reardon portrait / Photo: L.A. Cicero

Students learning English benefit more in two-language instructional programs than English immersion, Stanford research finds

A partnership between the Stanford Graduate School of Education and San Francisco Unified School District examines the merits of four approaches to teaching English language learners.

Eye exam

Stanford study shows glasses help Chinese children succeed

Test scores jump following a Stanford-led effort to screen the vision of 20,000 children in rural China. Leading the project is the Rural Education Action Program, a China-Stanford coalition.

boy overwhelmed with homework / Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Stanford research shows pitfalls of homework

A Stanford researcher found that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of balance and even alienation from society.

kids studying brains / Kurt Hickman

Grab your brains: Stanford students give local seventh graders a day to remember

Stanford graduate students take human and animal brains into middle schools in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto.  Video

Children reading

Stanford professor points out potential flaw in reading lessons for Spanish-speaking students in U.S.

What works for teaching students to read in English may be unnecessary for beginning readers in Spanish, study shows.