George Spindler portrait / Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Walker

George Spindler, Stanford professor emeritus of anthropology and education, has died at 94

George Spindler and his wife, Louise, worked as a team in their research, writing and teaching. Together, they revolutionized the teaching of anthropology and founded the field of anthropology of education.

David Halliburton / Courtesy Jyllian Halliburton

David Halliburton, Stanford professor emeritus of English and founder of the Center for Teaching and Learning, has died

Halliburton will be remembered as a dedicated teacher, a sedulous scholar and a skilled administrator who forged new ways of thinking about interdisciplinary studies.

Michael Wigodsky portrait / Photo: Jeffrey Fish

An expert in late Greek philosophy, Stanford Professor Emeritus Michael Wigodsky has died

Michael Wigodsky dedicated his life to elucidating the writings of early Latin poets and later Greek philosophers and shedding new light on the past.

Grigori Mints / Archives of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach

Stanford philosophy Professor Grigori Mints, a world-renowned logician, has died at 74

Mints' pioneering research created new connections between proof theory and computation – leaving an indelible mark on generations of students and colleagues in philosophy, mathematics and computer science.

William Wesley Trimpi / Courtesy Helen Pinkerton Trimpi

Wesley Trimpi, professor emeritus of English at Stanford, dead at 85

An expert in English Renaissance lyric poetry and ancient classical literature, Trimpi will be remembered as a scholar, educator and poet who challenged and engaged students and colleagues with his intellectual rigor.

Alejandro Zaffaroni, longtime friend of Stanford, deceased at 91

Alejandro Zaffaroni, an innovator in biotechnology and drug delivery systems, and generous humanitarian with close ties to Stanford, died on March 1 at age 91.

Elliot Eisner / Graduate School of Education

Stanford Professor Elliot Eisner, champion of arts education, dead at 80

Eisner argued that a curriculum that includes music, dance and art is essential in developing critical thinking skills in children.

Leland Smith / Chuck Painter

Stanford Professor Leland Smith, innovative music creator, dies at 88

Leland Smith blended teaching, performing and computer coding during his distinguished Stanford career.

Frank Lobdell / Jose Mercado

Renowned abstract expressionist artist and former Stanford art professor dies at 92

Frank Lobdell is remembered for his commitment to his work.  

Jing Lyman / L.A. Cicero

Jing Lyman, former 'first lady' of Stanford, dead at 88

As the first lady of Stanford from 1970 to 1980, Lyman was known for her ready smile, quick wit and warmth, and as a skilled and gracious campus hostess. Friends described her as energetic, ebullient, efficient and generous with her time.