Take Our Daughters To Work Day

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What It's All About

On Thursday, April 27 hundreds of thousands of girls around the world will go to work instead of to school. "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" is a special event in which participants go with their parents to work instead of going to school for one day. The program was begun by the Ms. Foundation, which reported over two million participants world-wide last year. The SLAC event, sponsored by the Women's Interchange at SLAC (WIS), is meant to introduce young women to SLAC and to help them expand their career aspirations. It is designed to encourage, inspire, and introduce adolescent girls to the workplace. Take Our Daughters to Work Day will give them a chance to experience various careers firsthand by accompanying their mom or dad to his or her job.

Who is Invited?

Girls ages 9 through 15. Bring our daughters, granddaughters, or nieces. Why girls? Research reveals that adolescent girls generally have less exposure to and awareness of career options than adolescent boys.

Visiting a parent's work place will increase a girl's awareness of some of the options that will be open to her in the future. That should help her to make informed career choices.Registration is limited to 100 girls this year, so register early.

What Will They Do at SLAC?

The day will be very busy. A more detailed schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

How to Register?

You must pre-register your daughter. This year enrollment is limited to 100 girls. Please have your daughter select three (3) hands-on workshpos she is interested in attending. A printable registration form is available in either postscript or pdf format. Fill the form out and send it to Janet Dixon, MS 97, by April 14. If you have any questions, call Evelyn Eldridge-Diaz, ext. 4128, or e-mail evelyn@slac.stanford.edu.

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