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The King Center: book and audio

Volume 3: Birth of a New Age,
December 1955-December 1956

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To Benjamin F. McLaurin

6 May 1956
[Montgomery, Ala.]

King informs McLaurin, coordinator of a major civil rights rally at Madison Square Garden on 24 May, that he would be unable to speak at the event. McLaurin had written King on 1 May requesting publicity photographs, believing that King had agreed to speak.

Mr. B. F. McLaurin, Coordinator
Madison Square Garden Civil Rights Rally
217 West 125th Street
Room 319
New York 27, New York

Dear Mr. McLaurin:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of May 1. I talked with Bayard Rustin the other day, and stated that I would not be able to accept the invitation to be at the Madison Square Garden Civil Rights Rally May 24. Certainly I regret this very deeply. I also made contact with Rev. Abernathy and found that he would not be able to come. I think that Mrs. Parks is being contacted, and in the event that she cannot come, I believe it will be possible for Mr. E. D. Nixon to come. You may feel free to contact Bayard Rustin for the major details of our telephone conversation.

You have my prayers and best wishes for a most successful program. We will forever be grateful to you and the fine citizens of New York for the real interest you have taken in our struggle.

Sincerely yours,
M. L. King, Jr.,


TLc. MLKP-MBU: Box 62.

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