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Volume IV: Symbol of the Movement, January 1957-December 1958

Clayborne Carson, Susan Carson, Adrienne Clay, Virginia Shadron, and Kieran Taylor, eds.
(Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000)

Volume IV: Symbol of the Movement traces King's emergence as a national symbol for black civil rights in the months immediately following the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Even as he rises to increasing national and international popularity, however, he struggles to replicate the Montgomery victory in other southern communities. Volume IV features an annotated transcription of his first national address at the May 1957 Prayer Pilgrimage in Washington, D.C., as well as documents related to his trip to the Ghanaian independence ceremony in March 1957, his meeting with President Eisenhower in June 1958, and his near fatal stabbing in September 1958.

Digitized Volume 4

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