Abandoned by Britain... then gunned down by the Taliban: Hitmen target Afghan interpreter who risked his life on the front line and his two-year-old son after they're refused entry to the UK


The 26-year-old (pictured left), known as 'Chris' by UK soldiers, was hit in the leg when gunmen opened fire near his home in Khost. His son Muhammad (pictured right) also sustained injuries in the attack. The father-of-two, who spent two months in hospital after the shooting, said he has taken evidence of threats to UK authorities on ten occasions - but has repeatedly been dismissed. And like the majority of frontline translators who want to build new lives in the UK, Chris - who worked with elite forces including the SAS - does not qualify for an immigration scheme because of his dates of service. So far just one of more than 300 Afghan interpreters who say they have been threatened by the Taliban because of their work with British soldiers has been given a UK visa. Pictured centre: The aftermath of another attack on an interpreter in Afghanistan.

EXCLUSIVE - Show your passport to use the NHS: Clampdown to stop migrants and £2BILLION-a-year health tourists abusing the system


Patients will have to take their passport to hospital as part of a clampdown on health tourism. For the first time, hospitals are being told to ensure everyone proves they are entitled to free NHS treatment. The measures are part of a Government drive to stop migrants and tourists abusing the Health Service, which costs up to £2billion a year. In 2011, Nigerian mother Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, (pictured), flew to Britain will pregnant with quintuplets and had NHS care costing the taxpayer around £200,000.

Hitler's last 24 hours: I want to be a beautiful corpse, said Eva amid a frenzy of sex and drinking 

On Saturday, we revealed how he toasted his wedding to Eva Braun before preparing for death. Today, we tell how an orgy of debauchery broke out among his henchmen as the Russians closed in.

The 'human Satnav' that tells your legs the way to go: Scientists develop device that guides walkers using electrodes

The invention - developed by researchers at the University of Hannover - controls leg muscles by using tiny electric currents to stimulate the sartorius two-joint muscle.

Thousands of new car owners caught out by tax disc loophole: DVLA car clampings and £800 fines soar because motorists don't know about rule changes

Thousands of law-abiding motorists have had their cars clamped and been fined hundreds of pounds because they were unaware of major vehicle tax rule changes.

Miliband's promise to cut deficit every year: Labour leader claims 'not one policy' will be funded through more borrowing as party launches its manifesto

In a last-ditch attempt to steal the Tories' mantle as the party of economic responsibility, Ed Miliband will warn supporters that Labour faces coming to power in a 'time of scarcity'.

Sheridan's harrowing new look: Actress's transformation for role as cancer patient is revealed ahead of upcoming BBC drama

Exhausted, washed out and hairless, even down to her missing eyebrows, Sheridan Smith's physical transformation is painful to see. The award-winning actress (pictured left and inset), best known for her recent portrayal of flame-haired singer Cilla Black, has opened up about the emotional impact of playing cancer patient Lisa Lynch (right) in an upcoming drama. Speaking tearfully after a screening of The C Word, which comes to BBC1 later this year, Miss Smith, 33, said the role 'changed my life' and revealed the effect of Mrs Lynch's death during the production.

ISIS release latest propaganda video showing jihadists threatening another 9/11 and to 'burn America'

Islamic State has released a chilling new propaganda video warning there is 'no safety for any American on the globe' and claiming the U.S. will burn in another 9/11-style attack.

FBI accused of whitewashing Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11 after quashing report about Florida family who mysteriously fled US two weeks before attack

A commission designed to review evidence 9/11 has not delved into an FBI agent's claims that a Saudi Florida family had ties to the hijackers after the agency said that the report was 'unsubstantiated'.

One in five who suspect breast cancer putt off GP visit for a month: Thousands of women risk lives by delaying appointment

One in five diagnosed with the disease had put off making an appointment for at least four weeks, allowing the cancer time to spread and potentially reducing their chance of survival.

Eat cake and still LOSE weight: Yes, it really IS possible - thanks to ingenious tips in the second part of our revolutionary mindfulness diet 

It's the brilliant way to help you stay slim for ever. Today, in the second extract from our Mindfulness Diet book, we reveal how you can still enjoy treats, too.

Tale of two countries: Snow in the North, but glorious sunshine just 250 miles away... and a sweltering 75F this week could be the start of the hottest spring ever! 

As thick snow settled in Cumbria and rain lashed other parts of the North, winter is clinging on in half of the country. But with this week set to be sunny and the mercury predicted to hit 24C (75F), the rest of Britain is heading for a heatwave. Forecasters say temperatures will be up to 10C above average for the time of year, making parts of the UK hotter than holiday destinations in southern Europe.

Taliban henchman accused of murder CAN stay here: Man who 'killed governor's son' in Afghanistan wins right to stay in Britain on human rights grounds

The 32-year-old, known only as SAKA, initially had his claim for sanctuary refused by Theresa May - but immigration judges have now overturned the decision on human rights grounds.

House where 12-year-old Tia Sharpe was sexually assaulted and murdered before her body was hidden in the loft is finally wiped off the map 

The two-bedroomed terraced house in New Addington, where Tia Sharp was abused and murdered - was bulldozed in June 2013 along with the two neighbouring properties.

Hidden speed cameras could be scrapped: 'Stealth' traps credited with 25% spike in fines could be banned no matter which party wins the Election 

New figures revealed at least 112,000 motorists were given fines or appeared in court for motorway offences last year - a quarter more than in the previous year.

Strictly mum, no dancing! Did Andy ban Judy after it's revealed Strictly star didn't take to the floor?

She has a reputation for being a 'pushy parent' and with some newly acquired dance moves under her belt, she might have been expected to muscle in. But it emerged yesterday that when Andy Murray and his new bride (pictured left) had their first dance on Saturday night, Judy Murray was strictly on the sidelines. The former star of Strictly Come Dancing - who frequently failed to impress the judges with her efforts (inset) - left the newlyweds to it as they took to the floor at their reception in Cromlix House Hotel, following their wedding at Dunblane Cathedral in the afternoon. As Judy's mother, Shirley Erskine, 80, left the venue, she confirmed that Mrs Murray (pictured the morning after the wedding, right) did not take to the dance floor first and let the bride and groom lead the evening's festivities.

Man, 46, arrested over murder of 'peaceful' imam found slumped in back of his car

A 46-year-old man has been arrested in connection with Mr Arwani's murder. He is being held in a central London police station as inquiries continue.

Son of Labour councillor accused of trying to sneak into Syria with eight relatives is on his way back to the UK

Waheed Ahmed, 21, who is the son of Rochdale politician Shakil Ahmed, is to return to the UK tonight on a flight from Dalaman after being detained in Turkey for apparently trying to sneak into Syria.

Can't afford top designers? Here's the Next best thing: From handbags to homeware, how the High Street chain has cornered the market in copycats 

After decades of snapping at the heels of rival Marks & Spencer, Next has overtaken the company on profits. And now the High Street giant appears to have come up with a foolproof plan for staying in the lead when it comes to womenswear.

Lee Rigby's fiancée, 24, 'finds happiness' with a 51-year-old cadet Major...and his former wife says she's not surprised 

Aimee West, 24, was devastated when her husband-to-be was hacked to death in the street in Woolwich, south east London, two years ago - but has now found comfort in Major Paul Draper.

Bullied Armed Forces member given record £709,000 compensation: Sum dwarfs payments given to troops who are seriously wounded on the battlefield 

Another soldier received £411,000 after being left with psychological problems caused by harassment at the hands of senior troops. The MoD said it was misleading to compare payouts.

Killer US cop Michael Slager recorded LAUGHING just minutes after deadly shooting of unarmed Walter Scott

Audio has surfaced of Michael Slager, the cop who killed Walter Scott, laughing and admitting to experiencing a rush of adrenaline in the minutes following the deadly shooting on April 5.

Thousands line the beaches to pay tribute to 13-year-old surf champion killed by shark on holiday island in Indian Ocean

Elio Canestri (pictured inset right) was bodyboarding with friends off the coast of Reunion, in an area banned to swimmers due to the high risk of sharks, when the attack took place. The youngster was 50ft out to sea when the large fish struck from below, forcing him off his board. He was then dragged further out to sea, where he suffered horrific injuries to his arms, legs and stomach. Although a boat managed to pull Elio from the water and take him to safety, the young surfer later died from his wounds. Professional surfer Jeremy Flores, who grew up on the island, which is near to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, led tributes to the teenager. Posting a picture of the young surfer on Instagram, he said: 'Words can't describe how sad and angry I am. So young !!! Heart breaking News . RIP.' In stirring scenes, thousands of mourners then gathered on Les Aigrettes beach, on the western coast of the island, to pay respects to the teenager (main picture).

It's a record! Vinyl sales to hit two million this year as Noel Gallagher tops new weekly chart of album purchases 

Last year saw more than one million albums sold on vinyl for the first time in almost two decades after seven years of steady growth. This year the number is expected to rise to two million.

Mass grave may hold Anne Frank: Holocaust survivors help pinpoint new site near concentration camp which may contain diarist's remains 

The mass grave, which was discovered in what is now a field at the end of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp's former main road, is believed to also contain her sister's body.

Step by tragic step, the final moments of British boy aged seven who fell 160ft to his death while skiing with his family 


It is thought Carwyn Scott- Howell may have entered the dense woodland because he thought it was a shortcut to his hotel. He was on holiday with his mother Ceri Scott-Howell, nine-year-old sister Antonia and brother Gerwyn, 19. He skied 100 yards off-piste, where trees were just a yard apart. Unable to weave through, he took his skis off and is thought to have started sliding on his bottom or running.

We can't recruit teachers in core subjects say heads: Some English, maths and science posts have just one applicant

Almost half of headteachers have vacancies in English, maths and science departments amid a growing recruitment crisis in secondary schools.

Revealed: What men really talk about down the pub (and it's NOT football!) Children and relationship issues top list for discussion over a pint

More than 70 hours of footage from hidden cameras at the Lord Nelson pub, on the Isle of Dogs in east London, showed that modern men do not discuss football and females.

Proof that buy to let property really is the best investment: 1,400% returns help create 2million private landlords 

If you invested £1,000 in a rental property at the end of John Major's government, it would have grown to £14,897 by last year, according to the research.

Rocketing house prices to hit a wall: After 10% rise last year, growth could slow to 1.5%

House prices across the UK will rise at a fraction of last year's frenetic pace, forecasts show. London will fare the worst, with prices actually dropping by 3.6 per cent over the next year.

No sweat! Sporty Pippa puts herself though her paces: Duchess of Cambridge's sister seen on early evening jog in London park 


The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister was seen going for an early evening run in the sunshine, displaying her toned figure in a blue sports vest and patterned shorts. Miss Middleton kept her jewellery and watch on and appeared to be clutching a set of keys as she effortlessly made her way around a London park, stopping to chat to a male jogger before continuing with her workout.

Eating out 'raises blood pressure': Just one restaurant meal or takeaway each week can increase risk by 6%

Those who frequently dine out or feast on takeaways are more likely to have pre-hypertension - elevated blood pressure - with just one extra meal out a week raising the odds by six per cent, a study found.

Is Camilla's homemade honey worth the sting of its £20 price tag? 

The Duchess of Cornwall has created a buzz with the launch of her own honey, produced in late spring by the bees in her Wiltshire garden.

Britain on the brink of deflation for the first time since 1960 as cost of essentials continues to fall  

The official measure of inflation dropped to zero per cent in February, with Bank of England governor Mark Carney confirming that 'deflation is on the cards'.

Cost of putting food on the table DROPS by 2.5% when compared to a year ago as supermarket price war hots up 

Wire shopping basket full of groceries including fresh fruit, vegetables.

A supermarket price war fuelled by lower transport costs and strong harvests means shoppers are making significant savings on household essentials.

Crystal-studded shoes, emeralds the size of quails' eggs and a bouquet made of JEWELS: Sultan of Brunei's son celebrates wedding with mind-boggling splendour


The lavish royal wedding of the son of the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Abdul Malik, 31, and data analyst, Dayangku Raabi'atul 'Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah, 22, (left) took place at the Istana Nural Iman palace today. The couple exchanged vows in front of friends and family, nobility and international dignitaries at the monarch's 1,788-room palace in Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. Nothing was too lavish for the pair, from the gilded throne to the bride's Swarovski-encrusted Christian Louboutin heels and thick gold anklet.

Why the rich love having an underground car park or atrium: Improvements among top 10 list of extravagant methods millionaires use to add value to mansions 

A two or even three-storey atrium is seen as the ultimate way to impress guests while triple-storey underground garages holding up to ten cars are growing in popularity, say experts.

British holidaymakers conned out of £2.2million by fake holiday letting websites, hackers and bogus airline tickets

A report from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau found that the average loss was nearly £900, with one holidaymaker being swindled out of £62,000 in a fraud relating to a timeshare scheme.

Phone-obsessed under 30s left battling with back pain: Mobiles and increasingly inactive lifestyles blamed for sharp rise in number reporting problems

Experts blame increasingly sedentary lifestyles and an obsession with mobile phones for a sharp rise in the number of young people with back and neck problems.

Warning! That holiday you booked online may not exist: Fraudsters conning families out of £2m a year as tourists are warned over adverts for cheap villas and caravans

Disappointed travellers found Mediterranean villas or apartments they thought they had paid for did not exist. UK caravan stays were also targeted, with fake promotions posted on Facebook.

My very costly few weeks with Red Ed, by Stephanie Flanders: Former BBC economics editor breaks silence over 'fleeting' relationship with Miliband 


It was unclear whether Miss Flanders was voicing regret over her relationship with Mr Miliband, or was embarrassed by the media coverage - or both. Miss Flanders (left), 46, accused the media of 'raking over' Mr Miliband's past in the run-up to the election. But in fact the revelation about the timing of her relationship with the future Labour leader was revealed by Mrs Miliband during a soft-focus interview with the Labour-supporting Mirror newspaper, which was headlined 'How I fell in love with Ed'.

He had the dogged look of a jogger mid-marathon: QUENTIN LETTS sees the Tory leader serve up feel-good fare


For those who like aspiration sprinkled on their politics, the PM's speech was heady stuff and the inheritance tax idea was the feel-good fare the Tory campaign lacked, writes QUENTIN LETTS.

PETER MCKAY: Is Sam Cam too much of a hippy for Dave to win? 

A female Tory supporter of my acquaintance says: 'I blame Samantha Cameron for pushing Dave away from traditional Tory views into hippy-dippy, New Agey-thinking,' writes PETER MCKAY.

Labour and Tory tax plans 'risk long-term harm': Think-tank warns of rush to hit high earners 

The Institute for Fiscal Studies was particularly scathing about rival Conservative and Labour plans to cut pensions tax relief for those with incomes above £150,000.

Miliband launches £7.5billion raid on the wealthy as he accuses the Tories of 'siding with the tax avoiders'

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls and Labour leader Ed Miliband appear at a General Election campaign press conference in Edinburgh, as Labour has claimed that a vote for the Scottish National Party is a vote for austerity north of the border. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday April 10, 2015. Mr Miliband warned of a £7.6 billion black hole in Nicola Sturgeon's spending plans which would deliver "a devastating blow to working people". See PA story ELECTION Scotland. Photo credit should read: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

The Labour leader and shadow chancellor Ed Balls set out a 10-point plan - including the effective abolition of 'non-dom' status - and challenged rival parties to match it.

Vote Tory where we can't win, says Farage: Ukip leader calls on backers to 'use their votes as wisely as they can' 

Nigel Farage said his backers must 'use their votes as wisely as they can' and that he wanted to see the Tories end up as the largest party in the Commons.

Visitors travel thousands of miles to bid farewell to the real-life 'Up' house which now faces demolition by developers - years after its elderly owner refused $1million to move out of her beloved home

The real-life 'Up' house (top right) in Seattle, Washington, will likely soon be demolished following the death of its 86-year-old owner, Edith Macefield (inset). And so, in tribute to the pensioner's unwavering strength and love, hundreds of visitors (left) are flocking to the 600-square-foot bungalow to bid it farewell. Upon their arrival, the tourists - some of whom have traveled thousands of miles - attach balloons and heartfelt notes to the property's fence (bottom right).

Esher, the income tax capital of Britain: Celebrity residents and good commuter links mean inhabitants of Surrey town have seen bills rise 8% in past year 

Bills averaged £16,900 - almost four times the national average of £4,363. The other top five highest income tax-paying constituencies include Chesham and Amersham, Windsor and Beaconsfield.

ANDREW PIERCE: Blair stars in a night to forget for Labour

The former PM appeared at a low-key fundraising dinner for 15 Labour target seats - but only one Shadow Cabinet minister, Chuka Umunna, could be bothered to attend, writes ANDREW PIERCE.

Chess grandmaster thrown out of tournament and facing 15 year ban after being caught cheating on his smartphone in the toilet

Gaioz Nigalidze, the current Georgian champion, was expelled from the Dubai Open Chess tournament when he was found using his smartphone in the middle of a match.

Brits among the least religious in the world: UK comes 59th in poll of 65 countries after only 30% of population say they have a faith 

In a global ranking of 65 countries, the UK came sixth from last, with only 30 per cent of the population calling themselves religious (file image).

'Everyday Americans need a champion': Wealthy Hillary Clinton finally enters formal race to be president with video telling middle class voters 'the deck is still stacked in favour of those at the top'

'Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times,' says the multimillionaire politician in a launch video. Her chief of staff stepped on her big moment with a launch email to donors. Hillary's campaign handlers are planning small-scale 'listening tour' stops like those that opened up her successful 2000 Senate campaign in New York, a state where she had never lived before she campaigned there. Iowans know her just as sparsely today: She has been to the state just once since her 2008 presidential campaign crashed and burned, touched off when a first-term Illinois senator named Obama lit the fuse.

Cadbury cuts TWO chocolate Fingers from its famous packs - but prices still go up in many stores

The move is the latest evidence of how the nation's favourite brands and supermarkets are cutting back on pack sizes without a corresponding cut in prices.

Guru who taught us women to ENJOY giving birth: As childbirth expert Sheila Kitzinger dies at 86, JENNI MURRAY pays tribute 

We should be encouraging young women to study what Sheila Kitzinger wrote, as we will never hear her again. Truly, a formidable life force has been snuffed out, writes JENNI MURRAY.

Prosecco is now Britain's favourite fizz: Italian sparkling wine overtakes champagne for first time with sales of £182m in 2014 

The research shows shoppers still want to treat themselves despite cutbacks, experts said. The average bottle of prosecco costs just £6.49, compared with £16.23 for champagne.



Heir Jordan! Spieth, 21, embraces his tearful high-school sweetheart as record-breaker is crowned the youngest Masters winner since Tiger Woods


Jordan Spieth was tonight crowned the youngest Masters winner since Tiger Woods following a tremendous, record-breaking performance. The 21-year-old Texan, who is now the world number two after 25-year-old Rory McIlroy, was awarded the coveted green jacket after achieving 18-under par with a final score of 70 - the same score that gave Woods his first green-jacket in 1997 - and setting new standards for 36 and 54 holes.

Is the tuning fork facial the daftest beauty fad EVER? Vibrations are said to tighten sagging skin and eradicate dark circles

Offered at the upmarket Hale Clinic in London and other clinics nationwide, the scary sounding tuning forks are pieces of metal that make different pitched sounds when struck and made to vibrate.

Billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone's husband earned just £65 a week from his firm last year

Jay Rutland, 34, who is married to the 30-year-old daughter of Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, saw his company bring in just £3,378 over the 12 months to July 2014.

Chinese woman dies after being accidentally knocked over by Canadian tourist at Great Wall of China

Cui Hongfang, from Heilongjiang Province in north-eastern China, hit the back of her head on a corner of the stone wall after she collided with the 38-year-old Canadian woman.

Rowan Pelling's sex column: Help! I don't desire my husband

A Couple experiencing Marital problems in bedroom - posed by models

QUESTION: When I moved in with my partner in my late 40s, I was drawn to his loving personality and the fact we had many shared interests. But I was never truly sexually attracted to him.

GUY WALTERS: Why we all owe 'spend, spend, spend' Viv a very big debt: Pools queen Viv Nicholson, who's died at 79, proved money really can't buy happiness, however hard you try

viv nicholson

The story of Viv Nicholson (pictured) - who died on Saturday aged 79 - is an exuberant lesson in what happens when you ignore all the advice and just blow the lot. When Viv, a cake-factory worker from Castleford in Yorkshire, and her coal miner husband Keith won £152,319, 18 shillings and 8d on the Littlewoods Pools in 1961 - the equivalent of around £3 million today - she announced that her life from now on would emphatically be neither sensible nor boring.

How we prefer pets to in-laws: 22% consider furry friends as members of the family - compared to 21% who mentioned in-laws

A new poll on modern families reveals this is a reality for almost a quarter of Britons - who said their pet dog was more important to them than their in-laws.

Bank is rapped for refusing mortgage to couple in their forties - after deciding that the husband was too old 

HSBC was ordered to pay them compensation after the banking industry watchdog found it 'relied on untested assumptions, stereotypes or generalisations in respect of age' in the case.

Why kids should share their iPad: Dividing tablets between children in class helps them perform better in literacy tests 

Shared iPad students scored around 30 points higher than students who used the device on their own and non-iPad users. Courtney Blackwell worked with 352 students in Midwest America.

Scents to make you smell younger: Perfumers claim scents can make a woman seem 'athletic, younger or even slimmer'

Woman puts on perfume.

According to scientists, perfume really can make us more attractive. And there are ingredients with a proven track record of evoking other strong subconscious reactions.

'I'll just go and buy another one tomorrow': What driver told onlookers after he smashed his £250,000 Lamborghini super car


A Lamborghini Gallardo, which can reach 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, hit a tree before careering into the middle of the road and smashing into a bollard in Beaumont Leys in Leicestershire. A back wheel was completely ripped off an axle of the car and flew along the street, narrowly missing Martin Johnson and his nine-year-old granddaughter Charly Pennett.

Secret US memo for Congress says Britain's 'special relationship' with America is over 

The Congressional Research Service Memo states the UK may no longer be 'centrally relevant' to the US, as it was when Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan led the two countries (pictured).

Nine-year-old sex slave is made pregnant by 10 ISIS militants raping her, says aid worker

The pregnant nine-year-old Yazidi girl (not pictured) was 'sexually abused by no fewer than ten men' after being kidnapped by ISIS militants near Sinjar in northwestern Iraq last summer.

How to pick a perfect spring print: Our fashion editor on how best to wear the season's most flattering designs

Wearing prints can be daunting. What appears good on the rail can often make you look like a kaleidoscope. Here, KIM CARILLO, 55, tries out this season's most flattering designs, while fashion editor ELIZA SCARBOROUGH suggests how best to wear them.

Sir Bradley Wiggins' final road race sees top cyclists narrowly miss oncoming high-speed train as they refuse to stop at level crossing

A harrowing video shows how ultra competitive cyclists risked life and limb to cross a closed level crossing - seconds before a train speeds past - during the Paris to Roubaix race.

65-year-old mum of 13 expecting quads: German primary school teacher to give birth in weeks after 18 months of fertility treatment

Annegret Raunigk, who hit headlines in 2005 for giving birth to her 12th child aged 55, is in her 21st week of pregnancy after being artificially inseminated, using both donated sperm and eggs.

British marathon man becomes first blind runner to finish 160-mile trek known as the world's toughest race

Dave Heeley, 57, from West Bromwich, has become the first blind athlete to complete the Marathon des Sables, which saw him run almost 160 miles across the Sahara Desert.

Pope infuriates Turkey by describing mass killings of Armenians 100 years ago as 'genocide'

Pope Francis holds the pastoral staff as he celebrates an Armenian-Rite Mass to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, in St. Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican Sunday, April 12, 2015. Historians estimate that up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I, an event widely viewed by genocide scholars as the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey however denies that the deaths constituted genocide, saying the toll has been inflated, and that those killed were victims of civil war and unrest. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Turkey said Pope Francis has caused a 'problem of trust' after describing the mass-murders of up to 1.5million Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 as 'the first genocide of the 20th century'

Revealed: Party lifestyle of fitness instructor wrongly accused of blackmailing Manchester United star Marcus Rojo

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson, 34, (right) had a brief liaison with the Manchester United defender (inset) at a Christmas party for the team. But the fitness instructor claimed the affair led to Rojo's advisors attempting to frame her after she found herself falsely accused of trying to extort £100,000 from the footballer. Photographs of the woman with a suspicious white powder have emerged (left).

Girlfriend of British victim of Germanwings crash refuses to blame killer co-pilot: 'I cannot hate someone for being sick'

Anneli Tiirik, 23, of Estonia, said she did not blame Andreas Lubitz for the death of her boyfriend Paul Bramley, 28, who was flying home via Dusseldorf from a holiday in Barcelona.

Pilot killed and three passengers injured as plane crashes on German motorway just feet away from passing cars

epa04701660 Emergency forces stand next to a crashed sports plane on the motorway A28 near Hatten, Oldenburg, Germany, 12 April 2015. Accodring to the police, one passenger was killed and three severly injured. The cause of the crash remains unclear yet.  EPA/MARKUS HIBBELER

The male pilot was killed in the crash on the Autobahn 28 near Hatten, Oldenburg, north-west Germany and three passengers have been taken to a nearby hospital, local police said.

Don't whistle while you work: Rise of mobile phones and slump in working class jobs means whistling is on its way out 

Once heard constantly on the streets, in songs, on the stage and in the workplace it has nearly disappeared. Whistling aficionados are in agreement, no one is whistling while they work.

Inventor solves the problem of MILLIONS of coffee capsules thrown away yearly with sugar-coated pods that dissolve in water

The soaring popularity of home coffee machines has led to a increasing amount of waste generated by caffeine lovers. Designer Eason Chow believes his innovative new product could be the solution.

Phileas Dog's ruff guide... to the world! Pet visits 23 destinations and travels 25,000 miles following her owner across the globe

Leaving a favourite dog in kennels while travelling abroad can be a source of profound guilt. But one owner was so overwhelmed with anxiety at the thought of being parted from her pet, she decided to take the dog on her frequent journeys overseas. As a result, May Wong's four-year-old cockapoo, Miss Darcy, has travelled the globe - visiting 11 countries and 23 destinations including New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Milan and Paris. She takes more trips with her owner every year than the average Briton and has covered nearly 25,000 miles since 2011 - making her a real-life Phileas Dog.

Watch drunk Aintree racegoer who was quizzed by police after knocking over elderly man at the races

Video footage shows a man, who is seen unsteady on his feet, after the day at the races in Aintree, barging into the 63-year-old who then stumbles backwards and falls to the road.

Schoolgirl who thought she had flu cannot move arms or legs and can barely talk - and doctors do not know what is wrong with her 

Natasha Willard in January 2015. When Natasha Willard felt under the weather just three weeks before Christmas, she thought she had the flu.\nThe 17-year-old had enjoyed a day out with her friends like any other, but felt ill when she returned home. What would happen over the next four days had devastating consequences for her and her family.\nDad Robert Willard, 40, said: ¿On December 5, Tasha came home and said she felt a bit ill. She had been out with friends and as soon as she came home she went to bed.\n¿She was still unwell the next day. She was up and down to the toilet and was sick once. Again, she thought she had the flu. She had aches and pains and a bit of a headache but she said she was fine.¿\nThe next day Tasha was vomiting and collapsed as she made her way back to her bedroom.\nRobert said: ¿She was conscious but not responding and only mumbling.¿\nBedbound Tasha was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital where doctors initially thought she had contracted meningitis. After r

Doctors are still trying to find out whether Natasha Willard will recover after she was diagnosed with inflammation of the brain when she fell ill while studying for her A-levels in Cwmbran in Wales.

Rugby stars stay on course for North Pole after their plane loses its landing gear on floating ice runway 

Lewis Moody, Danny Grewcock and Josh Lewsey said they felt nothing more than a jolt during the landing. The plane was dropping them off to start a 60-mile trek to the North Pole.

British expat found dumped at bottom of a well may have been defending his vegetable garden from a leek thief, say French police

The macabre theory has been outlined by detectives investigating the killing of David King, a 70-year-old pensioner from Newham, east London, who retired to Normandy 15 years ago.

What happens when a real woman recreates some of fashion's finest adverts? French stylist spoofs glossy campaigns from Givenchy, Lancome and Lanvin

Parisian photo stylist Nathalie Croquet has shown what it would be like for a real woman to star in a high fashion campaign with her new photo series SPOOF. She has emulated the campaigns for brands such as Lancome (left) and ELEVENPARIS (right).

Pioneering trials using man-made DNA begin in battle against cancer, ebola, flu and HIV with scientists saying the treatment could be the key to defeating them 

Pioneering new treatments for flu, ebola and cancer are being developed by scientists using man-made DNA after experts discovered how to create strands that mimic different diseases.

The real Fight Club: Former prison officer says staff arrange brutal behind-bars battles in one of Britain's toughest jails

MEDIA Prisoners/Feltham file 2...Embargoed to 0001 Sunday March 11 File photo dated 25/3/1999 of the front gate of Feltham Young Offenders Institution. The governor of a young offenders' institute where an Asian inmate was murdered in a racist attack has warned that a similar incident could occur again, according to a report Sunday March 11 2001.  Nick Pascoe, governor of Feltham young offenders' institute, has not ruled  out another murder similar to that of Zahid Mubarek last year, according to the BBC Panorama programme. Zahid, 19, died after Robert Stewart, clubbed him around the head with a table leg as he slept. The teenager, who was serving 90 days at the institute in west London for shoplifting, was due to be released on the day of the attack. The report, Boys Behind Bars, is due to be shown on BBC1 at 10.15pm. See PA story MEDIA Prisoners. PA Photos...A

Peter Hiett, a decorated former prison guard at Feltham Young Offenders Institution in Hounslow, south west London, claims staff regularly arrange brutal fights between rival criminals at the jail.

Brother of China's final emperor who was the last of the Qing dynasty dies in Beijing aged 96

Puren was the youngest brother of Puyi (pictured), who ruled for four years from 1908 until 1912. He died on Friday after being taken to hospital with pneumonia in February, his family revealed.

Bobby Moore's granddaughter Poppy marries childhood sweetheart in intimate ceremony that would have made England legend 'proud'

Poppy Moore married her boyfriend Sam Myers, both 23, at Chelsea Register Office yesterday in a 'lovely' wedding in front of 12 loved-ones including her mother Sara (pictured with Poppy, left) and grandmother Tina, the World Cup hero's first wife. Poppy was only 18 months old when her football legend grandfather (inset) died and suffered another tragedy when her father Dean died in 2011, age 43. In a tribute to him, Poppy carried his picture in her white rose bouquet.

Nine council workers sacked for spying on tragic three-year-old Mikaeel Kular's personal files after he was killed by his mother

Nine council workers in Fife have been sacked for inappropriately accessing confidential social work files on tragic three-year-old Mikaeel Kular, who was killed by his mother Rosdeep Adekoya.

Clegg leadership rival accused of betrayal - by wife of parking row councillor who leapt to his death

Nick Clegg's arch-rival for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron (left), was at the centre of a bitter row last night over the death of one of the party's councillors, Jo Stephenson (centre).

Soldiers watching your every move, runners high-fiving fans and a ban on cameras: Inside the North Korean marathon - the world's strangest road race 

Around 650 foreign entrants,  three times more than last year, joined in today's Pyongyang marathon under the close watch of Korean soldiers. The event - which only opened its doors to non-local amateurs in 2014 - was founded in 1981 in the single-party country, which is now led by brutal dictator Kim Jong un.One of this year's entrants Duncan Erasmus (right) a 23 year-old software firm owner from Auckland who ran the full amateur marathon, told MailOnline he was aware of being constantly watched but said the atmosphere remained jovial.

Man to wed Gambian cafe owner despite two failed marriages to women from the country (including a bigamist who left him close to bankruptcy)

David Tungate, 58, from Norwich, is engaged to a 30 year old from Gambia. He was already married three times - twice to Gambian women, including a bigamist who got pregnant by another man.

Australian scientists designing a revolutionary condom that 'feels better than nothing at all'

The University of Wollongong designed condom will eventually offer functions like self-lubrication and topical drug delivery, dramatically changing the potential of male contraception.

Investigation at £33,000-a-year public school after A-Level English pupils are made to study the wrong book for a YEAR 

An investigation has been launched after students at Wellington College, in Berkshire, spent the last year studying the wrong classic book for their imminent AS-level exam.

The London flat where screen goddess Ava Gardner spent her final years is yours to rent - if you can afford £500,000 a year 

Gardner, who famously starred in The Killers, The Barefoot Contessa, 55 Days at Peking and The Night of the Iguana, bought the five-bedroom apartment in 1968 after her three failed marriages, to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra.Her beloved property in Ennismore Gardens, London, was to be her primary residence for more than two decades until her death in 1990.

Murder riddle pastor's British wife 'killed by heroin overdose': Family insist she would never have taken the drug willingly 

Eric Isaiah Adusah's defence lawyer has claimed in court that 41-year-old Charmain Speirs was a habitual heroin user - and that her whole family were addicted to the drug.

Revealed: How jihadi hunted by MI5 tried to recruit undercover MoS reporter to fight in Syria

Fanatic Omar Hussain - known as the Supermarket Jihadi - issued detailed instructions on how to travel to Syria to commit acts of terror but avoid detection by police and security services.

Liverpool football star Raheem Sterling caught puffing on a shisha pipe 'as strong as 200 cigarettes' on night out with friends

The 20-year-old Liverpool footballer has been photographed puffing on a shisha pipe on a night out with his mates with the words '1 down another 3 to go', to the condemnation of fans online

Dope-smoking anarchists sully site where King John sealed the Magna Carta with litter-strewn shanty town 

Dozens of dope-smoking anarchists have made their squalid home in a litter-strewn shanty town just a few hundred yards from the famous setting at Runnymede in Surrey.

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World's youngest DJ is just two years old but already has a dedicated following of thousands of fans

Oratilwe Hlongwane, from Johannesburg, South Africa, whose DJ name is AJ, is still learning to put together words but is already able to play music from a laptop, making him a worldwide phenomenon. The two-year-old's ability to work a mixing deck has earned him special appearances and sponsorship deals with fans desperate to hear his bass-heavy house music. His mother, Refiloe Marumo, credits his success on the DJ set to an iPad app which she said he used to learn how to play and mix songs. Despite still wearing nappies and learning how to talk, the young DJ already has nearly 25,000 Facebook fans. His parents said they won't force him into a DJ career but believe he will end up doing something involving computers, adding: 'I can see a future Bill Gates here.'

SARAH OLIVER: Don't wish for a girl, Kate - be DMOB (Defensive Mother of Boys) happy like me 

Not long now until the new Royal baby arrives. I wonder if Wills and Kate will stop at two like his folks, try for three like hers, or match Her Majesty with four.

Greek believers fire off rockets to celebrate Orthodox Easter while Vladimir Putin meets Patriarch of Russian church 

Orthodox Christians from across Europe and the world marked Easter Sunday with masses and celebrations - including the annual battle of rockets and fireworks in the small Greek island of Chios.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'to be moved to a cushier low-security Priory unit' to the fury of his victims' families 

Mass murderer Sutcliffe has spent more than three decades in Broadmoor for the savage killings of 13 women. But now, he may be set to move to a cushy Priory unit set in Berkshire woodland.

Odds tumble on next royal baby being named Sam after the friend who got Wills and Kate together following flurry of bets 

Bookmakers have slashed odds on the name Sambeing chosen for the name of the second royal baby after the success of the Duchess' friend jockey Sam Waley-Cohen (pictured) at Aintree.

Pimps, prostitutes and the destitute: Bartender's 1970s photos reveal Times Square New Yorkers before tourists and selfie sticks

Sheldon Nadelman, 80, was working as a bartender when he captured thousands of images of New Yorkers that would seem out of place in the glitz of today's Midtown Manhattan. Sex workers would come in to Terminal Bar on 41st Street and 8th Avenue to drink cognac at eight in the morning before going out to walk the streets. Nadelman, who left the bar when it closed in 1982 because of a $125,000 yearly rental fee, would often photograph passersby through the open door of his establishment and watched as many of the lives he captured took turns for the worse.

Feet of strength! Chinese woman entertains birthday guests by leg pressing four people with a combined weight of 650lbs

A performer in China wowed a birthday party in Sichuan Province when she leg pressed two women and then four people as they held onto a wooden plank.

Idyllic islands, stunning waterfalls and giant Buddha statues: Filmmaker uses drone to capture Thailand's breathtaking scenery like it has never been seen before

Gabriel Ng, from Seattle, spent countless hours filming Thailand's picturesque coastline, religious sites and scenes of everyday life using a camera attached to a remote control drone.

Woman who delayed having children until her 30s reveals heartbreak of trying for a family... and urges other women NOT to leave motherhood so late

Writer Sarah Ivens, from London, tells of her struggle to get pregnant at 34. After trying for years to have her first child, she now warns other women not to put off motherhood until it's too late.

That's going to leave a mark! Brave woman poses with venomous tarantula and allows it to BITE her hand

Exotic pet owner Kayonna Cole, from Los Angeles, proved she is no arachnophobe when she posed with her pet tarantula and remained calm as it dug its fangs into her skin.

Meet the family who live on an incredible floating fortress miles from civilisation 

Wayne Adams and Catherine King live in their turquoise and magenta float house off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia

Wayne Adams and Catherine King created a completely self-sustainable float home consisting of 12 platforms that houses wooden structures, green houses and living spaces all interconnected through a wooden pathway. The magenta and turquoise floating structure, off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia, was built in 1992, and the couple, who have two children, live in the home year round.