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The Sign operation of the CROMERR Shared Services is invoked with the document and signature Data along with other parameters described in this section...


The RepudiateCor operation is used by the client to repudiate a COR in the archive. Office: Office of Environmental Information, OEI, USEPA


The SignAndStoreCor operation is used to apply a signature to the document and store it in the shared services. Office: Office of Environmental Information,...


The SearchForCor service allows the user to search for a document in the shared repository using a set of parameters. This service is for...


Authenticates the client before invoking any CROMERR shared services. The Authenticate operation provides a securityToken. Office: Office of Environmental Information, OEI, USEPA


This operation allows the user to set a specific retention status for a document. Office: Office of Environmental Information, OEI, USEPA


The GetResult operation will be used by the client application to get the result of the LexisNexis identity proofing session that was performed on...