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The Stanford Primary Care Associate Program (PCAP) was created by Stanford University School of Medicine and Foothill College based on the need for more primary care practitioners in California.  The first students matriculated in 1971, and the ARC-PA has granted continuing accreditation since 1976. 

The program has a 21-month curriculum (seven quarters) which integrates classroom learning and clinical practice. The program’s mission is to:

The program's goals are to:

The program has a strong record of student/graduate outcomes that meet its mission and goals:

*data from the PAEA 29th Annual Report

The program has over 1400 graduates.  Of the 990 respondents to the most recent graduate survey, 58% practice in primary care specialties (Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, OB/GYN and Pediatrics and undifferentiated primary care).  An additional 17% practice in Emergency Medicine and provide primary care services in those settings. 

Information and applications may be obtained online:http://pcap.stanford.eduor contact the office at:pcap-information@lists.stanford.edu

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