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Sony Pictures’ new documentary from writer, director, and producer Gabe Polsky tells the story of the Soviet National Hockey Team through the eyes of its captain and national hero, Slava Fetisov. Whitney McIntosh ‘17 of the Stanford Arts Review discusses the film here.

Alicja Curanović, Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, conducted research on the concept of mission in Russian and US foreign policy and political thinking as a Visiting Scholar at CREEES in 2014. In this publication for the Transatlantic Academy, she discusses the current rapprochement taking place between the Russian state and the Russian Orthodox Church.

NATO is reassessing its fundamental relationship with Russia and focusing on new threats not imagined at its inception in the wake of World War II, Douglas Lute, the US ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, told Stanford students and faculty.

Video: "Wales to Warsaw: NATO and the Current State of Transatlantic Security"