Current projects


Predicting the Flying Shape of and Forces on Upwind sails

Sriram, Anthony Jameson, Margot Gerritsen


Experimental Investigation of high aspect ratio 2D sails

Andrew Crook, Margot Gerritsen


Downwind Sail Performance Analysis: Turbulence Modeling

Steve Collie, Margot Gerritsen


Downwind Sail Design Optimization: Influence of Camber and Draft

Steve Collie, Peter Jackson,  Margot Gerritsen


Sail Design Optimization for a Modern Clipper Yacht

Tyler Doyle, Gianluca Iaccarino, Margot Gerritsen, Parviz Moin


The Flight of the Nyctosaurus: a Sail-Assisted Skimmer?

Jim Cunningham, John Conway, Margot Gerritsen


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