Faculty Committees

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Appointments and Promotions Committees

The Appointments and Promotions Committees in H&S are among the most important committees in the School. Each Senior Associate Dean appoints a cluster Appointments and Promotions Committee, comprised of six faculty members from the academic cluster. Each cluster-based A&P Committee considers every case for tenure (both internal promotions and new tenured appointments), as well as continuing term appointments in the non-tenure line and for Senior Lecturers. The task for the A&P Committees, and that of the H&S deans, is to apply the established criteria outlined in the University's and the H&S Faculty Handbook, together with their best judgments, to reach decisions about the cases before them.For further information about the A&P Committees, contact Sohaila Tofig, Faculty Affairs Officer, by email at sohaila@stanford.edu or by phone at (650) 724-8928.
2014/15 Appointments & Promotions Committee Rosters
Humanities and Arts (convened and chaired by Debra Satz)
Lanier Anderson, Chair, Philosophy
Ronald Egan, Chair, East Asian Languages and Cultuers
Paul Harrison, Chair, Religious Studies
Gavin Jones, Chair, English
Nancy Troy, Chair, Art and Art History
Caroline Winterer, Professor, History and Director, Stanford Humanities Center

Natural Sciences (convened and chaired by Ralph Cohen)
Keith Hodgson, Chair, Chemistry
Hideo Mabuchi, Chair, Applied Physics
Peter Michelson, Chair, Physics
Timothy Stearns, Chair, Biology
Guenther Walther, Chair, Statistics
Brian White, Chair, Mathematics

Social Sciences (convened and chaired by Ellen Markman)
Douglas Bernheim, Chair, Economics
Judy Goldstein, Chair, Political Science
Ian Gotlib, Chair, Psychology
Mark Granovetter, Chair, Sociology
James Hamilton, Chair, Communication
Sylvia Yanagisako, Chair, Anthropology
For a list of past members, click here
University Advisory Board
The University Advisory Board, an elected body of the Academic Council, reviews all recommendations for appointments, promotions, reappointments and dismissals, and for proposals for the creation and dissolution of departments. A detailed description of the role of the Advisory Board is provided in Chapter VI of the Articles of Organization of the Academic Council. The 2014/15 Advisory Board members on the H&S faculty are:
Stephen Hinton (Music)
Sharon Long (Biology)
Cecilia Ridgeway (Sociology)