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Policy changes, deletions, additions

Note: Housekeeping changes are in the following section at the bottom of the page.

May 29, 2015 Update

1.8.1: Protection of Minors

New policy that describes the responsibilities of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who work directly with, supervise, chaperone or otherwise oversee Minors in these activities (“Program Staff”), and informs all members of the University community of their obligation to report any instances of known or suspected abuse or neglect of Minors.


April 13, 2105 Update

2.2.6: Smoke-Free Environment

Section 1: Policy statement now includes the use of electronic smoking devices.
Section 2: New section added: Definition. “Smoke-free” refers to an environment that is free of smoke from, among other things, tobacco products and/or vapors from electronic smoking devices.
Section 4: Slight rewording to state the policy will be disseminated, and to delete the word "copies."


April 1, 2015 Update

2.1.14: Senior Staff

Section 3: Definition
Completely revised to align with new staff classification structure and states the effective date to be July 1, 2015.

Throughout: Corrected the title of the Vice President for Human Resources.

March 31, 2015 Update

1.7.3: Prohibited Sexual Conduct: Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, Stalking and Relationship Violence

Section 3: What are Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault?
Clarified definitions and created new subsections:

  • Section 3.a.2: Additional Acts of Sexual Misconduct: Added “completed” as a qualifier of acts that can be the subject of a Sexual Misconduct charge.
  • Section 3.b.: What is Sexual Assault? Added definitions of force, violence, duress and menace.
  • Added Section 3.d.: What is Incapacitation? Elaborated on definition and states incapacitation is not the same as legal intoxication.
  • Added Section 3.e: Stranger and Non-stranger Assault
  • Added Section 3.f: What is Sexual Harassment?

Section 4: What is Stalking: Added “the repeated following, watching or harassing” to the definition of stalking.

Section 5: What is Relationship Violence?
Added “gender identity” after “gender” to the phrase, “Relationship violence, including dating and domestic violence, is physical violence relating to a current or former romantic or intimate relationship, regardless of…gender of the individuals in the relationships.”

Section 6: Getting Immediate Help: Added contact information for Counseling and Psychological Services.

Section 7.c: Who Must Report
Changed “expected to report” to “required to report,” added faculty who have responsibility teaching, advising, coaching or mentoring students as another party that is required to report allegations relating to Prohibited Sexual Conduct. Added sentence “Reporting by these individuals is required regardless of whether impacted party has or has indicated they will contact the appropriate office.”

Section 8: University Response to Allegations of Prohibited Sexual Conduct
Faculty and staff decision-makers should continue to confer with the Sexual Harassment Policy Office but no longer need to confer with the Title IX Coordinator in matters in which no student is involved and the respondent is staff.

  • Section 8.a.: Administrative (Non-Disciplinary) Response & Investigation, Student-Related Matters
    Postdoctoral scholars have been added to list of persons who must be investigated under the Title IX Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, Relationship (Dating) Violence and Stalking Administrative Policy and Procedures if accused of student-related Prohibited Sexual Conduct.
  • Section 8.b. Administrative (Non-Disciplinary) Accommodations and Safety Measures
    For interim or permanent measure possibilities:
    - removed “work-related accommodations”
    - added “company bans”
    - added “climate surveys”

Section 10: Retaliation
Changed “any person cooperating in the investigation” to “any person participating in the investigation.” Retaliation does not need to be reported to the Sexual Harassment Office, only to the Title IX Coordinator. Specified that intimidation can be “direct or indirect.” Added sentence: “Both parties are prohibited from engaging in intimidating actions directly or through support persons that reasonably could deter either a party or a witness from participating in a Title IX investigation.”

March 13, 2015 Update

2.1.2: Recruiting and Hiring of Regular Staff
Section 3.b.(3), Text of Advertisements: Jobs posted on any website that advertises a vacancy must now include this statement: “Stanford is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.”

Other housekeeping changes include updating the name of the Office of Staff Employment to Staffing Services.

March 5, 2015 Update

5.4.2: Travel Expenses
Section 4.e(1): Per Diem for Days of Departure and Return: "Per diem for the day returning home is at the basic rate applicable at Stanford" changed to "The location of lodging on the last night determines the rate for the last day of travel." 

Other housekeeping changes include no longer needing to complete a Lost Receipt Form and instead indicating directly in the system that the receipt is missing.

Housekeeping Changes

Changes do not affect policy content, but may include corrected cross-references to other policies, corrected titles, change of authority for the policy, changed URLs, addresses, and phone numbers or very minor text changes for clarity. The changes below are listed by the order in which they were updated.

June 5, 2015 Housekeeping Update

AGM 9.2.1: Organization Chart for Provost: Updated name of School of Earth Sciences to School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. Updated title of University Librarian to include Publisher of Stanford University Press.

March 5, 2015 Housekeeping Update

AGM 5.3.6: Payments to Nonemployees: Updated names of financial software; added notes that all banking or otherwise confidential data should be submitted via the secure Supplier Request Portal.
AGM 5.4.1: Expense Advances: Updated links and other corrections.
AGM 5.4.4: Petty Cash Funds:  Minor changes. No longer need to fill out Lost Receipt Form; instead, enter information directly into system. 

February 9, 2015 Housekeeping Update

AGM 2.1.20: Relocation of Faculty and Staff: Updated links and name of Oracle Financials module.
AGM 5.3.4: Books, Periodicals and Membership Dues: Separated Section 2, "Direct Orders for Books, Subscriptions and Membership Dues" into two sections, adding that subscriptions and membership dues should be paid via a Non-PO payment request.
AGM 5.4.3: Reimbursement of Expenses: Updated links and names of officers and Oracle Financials module.

November 6, 2014 2015 Housekeeping Update

Updated instances of “Stanford Hospital and Clinics” to “Stanford Health Care” throughout Administrative Guide. The capitalized “Hospital” remains as it can refer to both Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford Health Care. (per Christine Boehm, OGC).
2.1.4 Hiring Employees from Stanford Hospital and Clinics or its Predecessor Companies
2.1.2 Recruiting and Hiring of Regular Staff
3.3.2 Expendable Funds Investment and Payout
8.1.2 Mail Services
1.4.1 Academic and Business Relationships With Third Parties
7.1.1 Health and Safety Services
1.6.2 Privacy and Security of Health Information (HIPAA)

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