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Stanford MSx Program

The Stanford MSx Program is a one-year, full-time Master of Science degree program for experienced leaders.

Who Should be a Fellow in Stanford MSx?

Each year, Stanford selects an accomplished group of experienced leaders from across the globe, to spend a year as Fellows in the MSx Program, preparing for senior roles in business, government, and society. Since 1958, our alumni have gone on to lead global organizations, serve as policymakers and diplomats, financiers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators.

We are looking for ambitious individuals with a demonstrated record of accomplishment, intellectual vitality, and clarity of focus. Each brings his or her distinct perspective and experience to both classroom and informal discussions, which enriches the learning for their peers.

Accelerated Degree for Experienced Leaders

Fellows choose the program to gain deep knowledge of the art and science of leadership in a concentrated, energetic environment. And, they commit to a full-time residential experience that closes the door on distractions and enables them to focus on learning.

Student life is unique. Fellows live on or near campus, creating a challenging intellectual community that thrives long after the year is over. Because most Fellows are already established in both their careers and their lives, their partners and families often come to campus with them, and are an integral part of the MSx community, as well.

Stanford MSx Program Stanford MBA Program
Full-time, 12-months Full-time, 21-months
90 Fellows (mid-career managers/execs) 410 students
66% international students 44% international students
Work experience: 12-year average, 8-year minimum Work experience: 4-year average, no minimum
Awards MS in Management degree Awards MBA degree
Companies: Develop Your C-Level Talent

Learn why hundreds of companies from every region in the world have sponsored their most talented executives as Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program, and how many of these Fellows went on to lead their companies.

MSx Fellows sitting in the courtyard

Fellows in the MSx Program have years of operating experience across a wide range of industries and geographies — and one may be the ideal candidate for the open position at your firm.