Academic Computing's "PDPrint" accounting system is used in the following locations: student residences; Tressider Student Union; Meyer, Green, and the branch libraries; Lane Medical Library; the Native American Cultural Center and El Centro Chicano; the Computer Science department; the School of Engineering; and the Hume Writing Center.

PDprint printers charge by the page for any document printed. On the printers located in the residence clusters, the charge is 10 cents per page. On printers in other locations, charges may vary. Some branch libraries, for example, charge 50 cents per page for a color printout.

This charge is used to offset the costs of printing, most obviously paper and toner, but also printer maintenance, printer replacement, server hardware and software, server administration, and of course our custom PDprint software.

An important feature of the print accounting system is that you will be charged only for those pages that are actually printed, meaning that you are not charged if the document never prints or the printer jams. (However, if you do not cancel a stuck job, and it prints after you leave the site, you will still be charged for the sheets that are produced.)

You can send print jobs to the printers not only from the computers in the residence and public clusters, but also from the Leland UNIX systems or from any personal computer with an on-campus network connection.

For more information on installing printers on laptops, and to release print jobs, please click to visit Printing pages (link can only be viewed from computers on campus or through a secure VPN connection).

For information about poster printing at Meyer Library, please see the Poster Printing pages.