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Academics Overview

Open Studios

Work in the classroom, museum and studio is designed to explore the historical and cultural meanings of works of art, to intensify visual perception of formal and expressive means, and to encourage insight into a variety of technical processes involved in the production of art, architecture, film and design across a broad chronological and geographical range.  

Area Heads

Art History: Nancy Troy
Art Practice: Gail Wight
Film and Media Studies: Pavle Levi

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Art & Art History offers the BA degree in Art History; Art Practice; and Film and Media Studies.

Directors of Undergraduate Studies

Art History: Jody Maxmin
Art Practice: Terry Berlier
Film and Media Studies: Scott Bukatman

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Graduate Programs

The Department of Art & Art History offers the PhD degree in Art History and the MFA degree in Art Practice; Documentary Film and Video; and Design.

Directors of Graduate Studies

Art History: Jean Ma
Art Practice: Paul DeMarinis
Design: Camille Utterback
Documentary Film and Video: Jamie Meltzer

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