Related Offices

Stanford's Office of University Communications is part of the Office of Public Affairs. University Communications staff represent the university in the news and in public and media relations matters; serve as spokespeople for the university, the President, and the Provost; provide broadcast, television and video production services; and produce the university's main web pages and central publications. The offices with which University Communications interacts include:

Office of the President

The President is responsible for the management of the University and all its departments, including the operation of the physical plant and the administration of the University's business activities. To assist in the performance of these duties, the President, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, appoints a number of officers.

Office of the Provost

The Provost, as the chief academic and budget officer, administers the academic program (instruction and research in schools and other unaffliliated units) and University services in support of the academic program (student affairs, libraries, information resources, and institutional planning).

Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs coordinates and facilitates Stanford's relationships with neighboring communities; local, state, and federal government; the media; and the general public.

Stanford News Service

The Stanford News Service provides assistance to reporters and disseminates much of the university's news. They also publish the daily Stanford Report email newsletter.

Stanford Web Services

Stanford Web Services, a collaboration between University Communications and IT Services, provides the Stanford community a full range of Drupal website planning, design, development, and maintenance support.

Stanford Video

Stanford Video captures lectures & events, produces national television shows from the Stanford campus and creates custom programs for classrooms.

Other News Offices: