Thomas Markland Named as 2015 Cottrell Scholar

Thursday, February 26, 2015
2015 Cottrell Scholar
Professor Thomas E. Markland
"Recognized for the quality and innovation of their research programs and academic leadership in the field of chemistry, physics and astronomy"

Professor Thomas Markland, an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at Stanford University, has been named as one of fifteen 2015 Cottrell Scholar Awards.

The Cottrell Scholar program given by the Board of Directors of Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) champions the very best early career teacher-scholars in chemistry, physics and astronomy by providing significant discretionary awards for research.  The Cottrell Scholar program focuses on fostering synergy among faculty at major American research universities and primarily undergraduate institutions.

According to RCSA President, Robert N. Shelton, "RCSA has always been about finding and supporting the next big scientific pardigm, the theory or discovery that will revolutionize and advance an entire field of study."

Professor Markland's research project is focused on Unraveling Quantum Fluctuations in Charge and Energy Transport.

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