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Seminar Locations, Summer 2015

The specific seminar dates, locations, facilities and activities are subject to change depending on available resources and other operational considerations that may arise for a successful implementation of the seminar.

Australia: Island Biogeography and History of Tasmania

Cambodia: Food, Water and War: Life in the Mekong

Costa Rica: Conservation Photography in Costa Rica

Croatia: History, Arts and Culture of Southeastern Europe

Denmark/Sweden: The Copenhagen-Stockholm Trans-Idiomatic Arts Practicum

England/Wales: Magna Carta 1215 and 2015: Land, Law, Liberty

Germany: Going Medieval: Freiburg im Breisgau

Palau: Coral Reefs of Palau: Marine Environment, Ecology and Management

Russian Federation: St. Petersburg: Crucible of Russian History & Culture

All participants are required to arrive to the seminar location on the scheduled arrival date/time and cannot depart earlier than the departure date/time. Late arrival and/or early departure is not permitted under any circumstance.