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Cardinal Green Events

From small departmental meetings to large-scale campus community gatherings, Stanford hosts hundreds of events throughout the year. Implementing green practices at these events, no matter the size, can help reduce our waste, conserve resources, and set an example across campus by engaging the community in Stanford's commitment to sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability invites all event planners to utilize the campus’ existing green events resources. These publications and tools provide information and recommendations on everything from food choices and catering to zero waste strategies, communication, transportation, and post-event considerations at Stanford. Whether you're hosting a 10-person lunch or a 1,000-person conference, there are opportunities to choose sustainable options and practices.

Learn more about what you can do to help reduce waste, conserve resources, and make your event Cardinal Green.

Cardinal GReen Event Checklist

The Cardinal Green Events checklist can help you identify the best steps to take to make your more sustainable.  Find more detail on each of the recommended steps in our Greening Events at Stanford guidelines.

Cardinal Green Events Checklist - PDF


This guideline, prepared by the Office of Sustainability, R&DE, Events Services, PSSI, and other partners in 2010, provides a comprehensive overview of best practices for green events at Stanford. This resource supports the planning and execution of more environmentally sustainable events with the help of a master checklist for all event organizers.

GReen Event Guidelines - PDF

Cardinal Green Event Resource Library

The Cardinal Green Event Resource Library houses best practices from green event planners across campus.  This regularly updated resource offers sustainable vendors, ready-to-print signage, and sustainable product information. 

Cardinal GREEN EVENT Library

Office of Sustainability Support

Need help with your green event planning?  Office of Sustainability provides free consultation to campus departments planning large and small events.  To learn more, submit your event information here: