“Thank you for giving me my life back." - Travis, U.S. Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Project Welcome Home Troops

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for returning veterans and their families. We provide safe and effective techniques for stress relief, greater health and well-being, and empowerment.

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What Veterans Are Saying

I have been able to sleep much better. Feeling clarity, focus and relaxation.

I am able to manage stress 110% better. I am emotionally feeling more stable.

Feels like I am more grounded, in touch with my feelings, more present.

I have the ability to combat stress and clear my mind of clutter.

I feel relaxed, unwound, after the breathing exercises.

I feel like I can really be happy.

I am ready to live my life!

I am calmer, more patient and less reactive.

I have a longer fuse for anger.

I have learned to relax and let things go.

I have learned a number of ways to soothe the savage beast.

A deeper understanding of my inner self.