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16mm black and white film

Documentary Film and Video
December, 2003
Video Duration: 
3 min.


Carve is a four-minute documentary film that takes a new look at body cutting as a personal, political and artistic practice. Two San Francisco-based artists share their newest work, which they draw and cut into each other’s bodies. Shot in lush black and white 16mm film, this beautifully intimate view explores cutting as an exhilarating and liberating experience.

Awards, Festivals, and Screenings

Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2004
The New Fest, New York, 2005
Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto,  2005
MIX NYC, 2005
Cinekink, New York, 2004
Madcat Women’s International Film Festival, 2004
Junk Travelling Queer Underground Film Festival, 2004
Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2004
Transgender Film Festival, Chicago,  2004
San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival,  2004