Lathrop FlexClass 190

Wide view of Lathrop FlexClass 190

Lathrop FlexClass 190 is designed for instructors who wish to teach using collaborative activities and technology tools. The resident computers in this room can be used in either the Mac or Windows operating system. FlexClass 190 is optimal for course enrollments of up to 25 students.

To apply to use FlexClass 190 please submit an application

The dimensions of FlexClass 190 are approximately 31 x 37'.

All furnishings are mobile and can be reconfigured easily on the fly.

Click the image at right to see the default configuration and a complete list of furnishings.

FlexClass 190 default configuration

The room has two interactive displays for whole-classroom sharing. In addition, these displays can be used simply as dry-erase whiteboards.

The left display connects to a resident instructor's station iMac computer that can be used with either a Mac or Windows operating system.

The right display is set up to connect to an instructor's or a student's laptop.

FlexClass 190 classroom displays

FlexClass 190 has five group-work display stations.

Each mobile station has a 55-inch, high-definition display connected to an iMac computer that can be used with either a Mac or Windows operating system. 

Cables allow students to connect their own laptops to the display.

When paired with a table and chairs, each station is suitable for groups of up to five students.

FlexClass 190 group station
There are two floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls as well six small, mobile whiteboard easels. FlexClass 190 whiteboard wall