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Stanford Closer Look Series

The Stanford Closer Look series is a collection of short studies through which we explore topics, issues, and controversies in corporate governance. In each study, we take a targeted look at a specific issue and explain why it is important.

Closer Look Series

What Can For-Profit and Nonprofit Boards Learn from Each Other About Improving Governance?

How Important Is Culture?: An Inside Look at Keller Williams Realty

The Ideal Proxy Statement

A Meeting of the Minds: How Do Companies Distribute Knowledge and Workload Across Board Committees?

The Handpicked CEO Successor

Follow the Money: Compensation, Risk, and the Financial Crisis

Does the Composition of a Company’s Shareholder Base Really Matter?

Lululemon: A Sheer Debacle in Risk Management

Josh Hardy and the #SaveJosh Army: How Corporate Risk Escalates and Accelerates through Social Media

Seven Myths of CEO Succession

Corporate Governance According to Charles T. Munger

And Then a Miracle Happens!: How Do Proxy Advisory Firms Develop Their Voting Recommendations?

Pioneering Women on Boards: Pathways of the First Female Directors

Risk Management Breakdown at AXA Rosenberg: The Curious Case of a Quant Manager Trusted Too Much

Separation Anxiety: The Impact of CEO Divorce on Shareholders

Sneak Preview: How ISS Dictates Equity Plan Design

Trust: The Unwritten Contract in Corporate Governance

Where Experts Get It Wrong: Independence vs. Leadership in Corporate Governance

Ten Myths of “Say on Pay”

What Is CEO Talent Worth?

Fixed or Contingent: How Should "Governance Monitors" Be Paid?

Is a Powerful CEO Good or Bad for Shareholders?

Monitoring Risks Before They Go Viral: Is it Time for the Board to Embrace Social Media?

Shareholder Lawsuits: Where Is the Line Between Legitimate and Frivolous?

Sudden Death of a CEO: Are Companies Prepared When Lightning Strikes?

Union Activism: Do Union Pension Funds Act Solely in the Interest of Beneficiaries?

What Does It Mean for an Executive to Make A Million?

The NCAA Adopts "Dodd-Frank": A Fable

Are Current CEOs The Best Board Members?

Seven Myths of Executive Compensation

Seven Myths of Corporate Governance

Tesla Motors: The Evolution of Governance from Inception to IPO

The Resignation of David Sokol: Mountain or Molehill for Berkshire Hathaway

Do ISS Voting Recommendations Create Shareholder Value?

CEO Health Disclosure at Apple: A Public or Private Matter?

Leadership Challenges at Hewlett-Packard: Through the Looking Glass

Scarlet Letter: Are the CEOs and Directors of Failed Companies "Tainted"?

Pledge (and Hedge) Allegiance to the Company

A Historical Look at Compensation and Disclosure: Cool and Refreshing!

Berkshire Hathway: The Role of Trust in Governance

CEO Succession Planning: Who's Behind Door Number One?

Director Networks: Good for the Director, Good for Shareholders

Financial Manipulation: Words Don't Lie

Institutional Shareholder Services: The Uninvited Guest at the Equity Table

Lehman Brothers: Peeking under the Board Facade

Pro Forma Earnings: What's Wrong with GAAP?

Proxy Access: A Sheep, or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Sensitivity of CEO Wealth to Stock Price: A New Tool for Assessing Pay for Performance