Facilities Planning and Management
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Operations & Maintenance

Responsible for operations and maintenance of 1.5 million square feet of on- and off-campus facilities for SoM.
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Health & Safety

Responsible for communicating information about safety in labs and offices, regulatory compliance, and Emergency Preparedness for SoM.
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Project Management

Responsible for the design, construction and delivery of medium to small facilities and renovations for SoM, and collaboration with the University on large projects.
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Space & Assets

Responsible for the efficient and effective assignment and utilization of space within SoM.
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OFPM Calendar

Meet Our Team

Niraj Dangoria Vacant Laura Berthoud Tiffany Binderup Sharlene Erwin Angel Fong Katie Godsy Vacant Traudi Sedelmayr Les Tift Bianca Zelnik Linda Gibson Laura Blackwood David Golden Daud Haidari Vivian Jones Annette Walter Tim Gadus Joslyn Gray Paula Quintero Robin Van Why Liam Robinson Brian Sullivan Jim Barela Stan Buoyea Christi Costello Fred Echaluse Renae Langlois Tim Lee Roldan Penagos Tim Peoples Maria Rodriguez Linda Shinshiro Linda Barcomb Kelli Nicholas Lisa M. Pelletier Karla Tomlin Cheryl Yemoto

Niraj Dangoria

Associate Dean

Facilities Planning and Management



Finance and Administration

Laura Berthoud

Administrative Associate

Projects and Space

Tiffany Binderup

Administrative Associate


Sharlene Erwin

Administrative Associate ,Support for Associate Dean and Director


Angel Fong

Data Analyst

Katie Godsy

Financial Management Analyst


Financial Analyst

Traudi Sedelmayr

Hospitality Services Manager

Les Tift

Project Accountant

Bianca Zelnik

Financial Specialist

Linda Gibson


OFPM - Facilities Projects

Laura Blackwood

Project Manager / Planner

David Golden

Project Manager / Planner

Daud Haidari

Project Manager / Planner

Vivian Jones

Project Coordinator

Annette Walter

Project Manager / Planner

Tim Gadus

Space and Reporting Manager

Joslyn Gray

Facilities Planner

Paula Quintero

Space Coordinator

Robin Van Why

Space Planning Coordinator

Liam Robinson


Facilities Operations

Brian Sullivan

Assistant Director

Facilities Operations

Jim Barela

Loading Dock Manager

Stan Buoyea

Facilities Area Manager

Christi Costello

Workflow Manager

Fred Echaluse

Building Systems

Renae Langlois

Workflow Coordinator

Tim Lee

Zone Manager

Roldan Penagos

Project Manager/Engineer

Tim Peoples

Loading Dock Services Coordinator

Maria Rodriguez

Quality Control Manager

Linda Shinshiro

Project Engineer

Linda Barcomb

Director of Safety & Emergency Management

Kelli Nicholas

Health and Safety Specialist

Lisa M. Pelletier

Emergency Preparedness & Training Specialist

Karla Tomlin

Environmental & Compliance Specialist

Cheryl Yemoto

Biosafety, Compliance & Web Specialist

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