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Guidelines and FAQ's for Applying for a Geballe Research Workshop

Now accepting applications for 2015-2016.

Confirmation of receipt will come via email within one business day from Kent Safford. For technical assistance in filling out the form, please contact Veronica Marian.
  • The Research Workshops at the Stanford Humanities Center bring together groups of Stanford faculty and advanced graduate students, as well as visiting scholars and those at other local institutions, to present their current research and otherwise explore topics of common intellectual concern. The core goals of the workshop program include:
    • Realizing and developing latent research agendas.
    • Exploring ideas and issues that cross the usual disciplinary or institutional boundaries.
    • Providing a unique context for graduate work, where advanced students working on their dissertations receive the support and stimulation that come from participation in a shared intellectual enterprise with faculty.
    • Helping graduate students develop the professional skills marking their transition from their role as students to active scholars addressing a community of peers.
    • Supporting collaborative research, particularly in areas of research that no single researcher or institution could address alone.

    The workshops offer faculty and students from Stanford as well as other institutions a kind of engagement that exists nowhere else at the university. They meet outside of traditional departmental boundaries and in truly interdisciplinary collaborations to explore research topics that they themselves determine. The program thus supports faculty in their efforts to investigate and construct new areas of research in a time of shifting disciplinary boundaries, while encouraging graduate students to participate in ongoing scholarly dialogues.

  • A core group of faculty and advanced graduate students organize the workshop, plan topics for discussion, and invite speakers. Workshops must meet at least three times per quarter. Workshops are open to all interested faculty and advanced graduate students and the Stanford community and public where appropriate. Variations on this model may be submitted for consideration by the selection committee if the proposed workshop structure meets the intellectual aims of the program.
  • Faculty members and advanced graduate students in the humanities and humanities-related fields may organize a workshop to investigate a topic relating to shared research interests.
  • All proposals will fall into one of the following groups:
    • New: Workshops that have never received full funding from the Humanities Center.
    • Renewing: Current academic year workshop applying to continue into next year.
    • Returning: A former workshop that is applying to resume funding after a sabbatical year or any other hiatus.
  • The online application form includes questions that must be answered by all proposers. Renewing and returning proposals have additional essay questions at the bottom of the form. Renewing proposals must also include completed workshop participant evaluation forms, available online. These must be filled out by participants by the April 1 deadline.
  • Examples of successful proposals are available for review at the Humanities Center. Please call 724-8169 or email Kent Safford for further information. The content of the sample proposals will be relevant, however.
Now accepting applications for 2015-2016 until April 1, 2015.