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Joe Wible

Head Librarian & Bibliographer, Harold A. Miller Library
Assistant to the Director, Hopkins Marine Station

Joe's role in the library

I am responsible for the overall management of the Harold A. Miller Library.  I make purchase decisions for books, journals, and electronic resources in marine sciences.  I help Hopkins residents find the information they need, procure documents not available on site or online, and provide instruction on use of physical and virtual library resources.  I manage the Miller Library's web pages and Facebook presence.

In my role as Assistant to the Director of the Station, I help with fundraising, publicity, and tours.  I also help manage content for the Station's web pages and help with computer support for Hopkins faculty, staff, and students.

Professional activities

Member, IAMSLIC - International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers


Selected publications

Wible, Joseph G.  2007. “Google Books, UMI and Other Intriguing Trends in Digital Publishing”  IN: Every Continent, Every Ocean – Proceedings of the 32nd Annual IAMSLIC Conference Portland, Oregon, October 8-12, 2006, editor Kristen L. Anderson, Port Pierce, FL: IAMSLIC, pp.13-21  PDF

Baldridge, Alan and Joseph G. Wible.  2006. “Hopkins Marine Station Library, Old and New”  Imprint.  24(2):4-14. PDF

Wible, Joseph G.  1995. "Local mounting of the BIOSIS database: trials and tribulations"  IN: Building Global Connections - Proceedings of the 20th Annual IAMSLIC Conference Honolulu, Hawaii, October 9-13, 1994, editors J.W. Markham and A.L. Duda, Fort Pierce, FL: IAMSLIC, pp. 219-221.  PDF

Watkins, Steven G. and Joseph G. Wible.  1993.  "Creating a computer-based union list of marine and aquatic science serials"  IN: Aquatic Information Resources: Tools of Our Trade - Proceedings of the 18th Annual IAMSLIC Conference Bremerhaven, Germany, October 5-9, 1992, editors E. Fuseler and S. Wiist, Fort Pierce, FL: IAMSLIC, pp. 133-136. PDF

Wible, Joseph G.  1990.  "Comparative analysis of citation studies, swept use, and ISI's impact factors as tools for journal deselection" IN: IAMSLIC at a Crossroads - 15th Annual Conference of IAMSLIC, Bermuda, October 2-6, 1989,  editors R. W. Burkhart and J. C. Burkhart, Fort Pierce, FL: IAMSLIC, pp. 109-116. PDF

Wible, Joseph G.  1986.  "Searching made easy: front-end systems for medical databases"  Medical Reference Services Quarterly  5(2): 1-13.

Linder, Gloria A., et al.  1986.  "Training the end-user:  the Stanford University Medical Center experience"  Medical Reference Services Quarterly 5(Suppl.): 113-126.

More about Joe

Prior to moving to Hopkins Marine Station, I was head of Falconer Biology Library.  I began my career at Stanford working at Lane Medical Library as a catalog librarian, reference librarian, and a library systems analyst.  You can read more about me in a Stanford Report news feature.


Ph.D., University of Southern California, Marine Biology
M.Ln., Emory University, Library Science
B.S., Georgia State University, Biology