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The New York Times just launched Academic passes, which provide full access for 24 hours to the digital newspaper. You must have a Stanford email address to participate and there is a limit of 500 simultaneous users. The 24 hours begin at the time of claiming the pass and also allow access on most devices** to the NYTimes apps.

See the New York Times Help page for more information.

** Mobile apps are not supported on all devices. Does not include e-reader editions, Premium Crosswords or The New York Times Crosswords apps.

Please also see How do I find The New York Times online? for other means of access.

by Malgorzata I Schaefer


This doesn't appear to be working, ever since the beginning of the summer quarter. Can you confirm if NYTimes academic passes are still available? Thanks.
Sorry, but there are no academic passes for the summer.

Best wishes, Molly Molloy
Newspaper Collection
Do you guys carry a print version every day, including the weekend?
Hi Nick.
We sure do. The Information Center has the daily edition every day, but Saturday and Sunday are not shelved until Monday. The SSRC reading room also has the NYT, and it's in other libraries on campus as well. Thanks for reading!

What is the login/password for the academic passes?


Hi Jake.
Please login at:

Molly Molloy

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