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Print, copy, scan

In general, printing costs $0.10/page; copying costs $0.13/page (using your card) or $0.15/page (cash). Scanning is free. Anyone may purchase a copy card at cash-to-card machines. Staff can add cash to their ID cards. Students can use the StanfordCardPlan (activation may take 2-8 hours).

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Prepaid copy cards for departments & groups

Obtaining a Copy Card

Purchase a card at a copy card vending machine in the library with cash ($1 per card).
Add money to the card by journal transfer or by inserting money into the machine. Use your correct account information and Expenditure Type 54520 ("Photocopy excluding Stanford Publication Services") when requesting reimbursement from your petty cash custodian.
Bring a memo to the Green Library Privileges Desk requesting a specific number of copy cards.
Indicate who will use the cards (state the department name) and have an authorized approver on the account sign the memo. The copy card(s) are issued over the counter. The copy card cannot be used until money is transferred to the card.
If you intend to charge photocopies to a sponsored project, please refer to section: "Guidelines for Charging Prepaid Photocopies to Sponsored Projects" below before providing an account number. This option is recommended when a copy card is used to charge copies to sponsored projects.

Transferring Money to the Copy Card

Money may be transferred to one or more copy cards by preparing a web journal using the New Journal form ("Create New Inc./Exp. Journal") as follows:

  1. Charge (debit) the PFOO/PTAEO that will pay for the prepaid copies for the amount of money you wish to apply to the copy card. Use Expenditure Type 54520.
  2. Credit PFOO 1026588-EAIFT–21660 for the same amount of money you wish to apply to the copy card.
  3. Enter the copy card number in the description field of the journal. The number can be found at the bottom right of the card below the bar code.
  4. Please identify a departmental contact (name/extension/e-mail address) in the journal description.
  5. Route the journal to Susan Horsfall in SUL in addition to any required departmental approvers.
  6. As soon as the web journal is completely approved, SUL will add money to the copy card.
  7. Incomplete information will delay the web journal. The departments are responsible for providing an appropriate account that may accept photocopy charges. Again, if you intend to charge photocopies to a sponsored project, please refer to: Guidelines for charging prepaid photocopies to sponsored projects before providing an account number.

Departments should use prudent judgment in determining how much money should be transferred to a copy card. The amount should correspond to the anticipated use of the card within a reasonable period of time.

Continuing Use of the Copy Card

Each copy card may be used indefinitely by adding more money by repeating the journal transfer process.

Refunds of Remaining Balances on Copy Cards

Refunds for unused balances may be requested from the Bursar's Office. Please e-mail Susan Horsfall with your request at ( Unused balances on copy cards charged to sponsored projects should be refunded or transferred to another copy card.

Lost or Stolen Copy Cards

If a card is lost, notify SUL immediately at so that the account can be closed as soon as possible and the remaining balance moved to another card/account. There is a $5 service fee for transferring balances. This fee may not be charged to sponsored projects.