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Conference Results

The International Donors Conference for Darfur concluded 8 April 2013 with a landmark showing of political and financial commitment from the international community towards a comprehensive and sustainable recovery, reconstruction and development for a region desperately in need of support. The conference sought support for the six-year, $7.2-billion (5.5-billion-euro) Darfur Development Strategy (DDS) to help transition Darfur away from emergency and humanitarian aid and lay the foundations for lasting development. 
Participants of the conference included over 450 delegates representing, more than 50 governments, bilateral and multilateral partners, development banks and agencies, the governments of Qatar and Sudan, UN agencies along with Sudanese and international civil society organizations. A major outcome of the conference was the collective endorsement of the DDS and agreement of the DDS as the main entry point for transition from humanitarian assistance to development and the guiding framework for recovery efforts.

A total of $3.7 billion was pledged at the two-day meeting, including the contribution of Sudan's government set by the July 2011 Doha Document for Peace in Darfur at $2.65 billion. New resources amounting to US$1,051,659,100.00, representing 23% of the funding gap, were pledged to support medium and long-term projects of the strategy, this includes grants, loans, banking facilities and credits and technical assistance. Thus, the total contributions pledged are US$3,701,659,100.00. 

50 % of US$177,400,000 has been pledged for foundational activities in Darfur; to kick off the immediate start up of the DDS, thus ensuring peace dividend projects are implemented and confidence-building measures happen immediately.

The conference endorsed the establishment of the Darfur Coordination Board for Recovery, Reconstruction and Development.  The Board of Directors to be comprised of the State of Qatar, Government of Sudan, Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), the United Nations, and development partners. Further, the establishment of the United Nations Fund for Recovery, Reconstruction and Development in Darfur (UNDF) was also agreed upon. 

The conference concluded by valuing the international and regional efforts led by the State of Qatar in order to promote peace process and support development and stability in Darfur. Participating countries commended all humanitarian efforts exerted by the Government of Sudan, all countries, United Nations organizations, international and national non-governmental organizations over the past ten years in Darfur.
Finally, an agreement was made by all participants to have a Darfur investment meeting within a year and another donor conference within two years to follow up on the implementation of the DDS and to mobilize the remaining resources needed.