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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

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To produce breakthrough environmental solutions that protect and nurture our planet to meet the vital needs of people today and for generations to come.

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Stanford, CA

El Niño and Drought

While El Niño may lead to a wet winter in California, it might not end the California drought.

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New Approach to Conservation

Researchers outline an approach to habitat conservation that achieves diverse objectives.

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Costa Rica

Protecting the Deep Sea

Paper aims to inform plans for deep-sea environmental protection and mining regulations.

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Stanford, CA

Sustainable Palm Oil

Research team receives $400,000 grant to study how to create sustainable supply chains for one of the world’s fastest growing and most valuable crops.

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Charting a Path to Sustainability

Catch up on 2014-15 environmental research and program highlights, publications, videos, news coverage and more. Read our annual report.

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