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Picture of Susan Weersing

Susan J. Weersing

Associate Dean for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
Phone: (650) 723-1205

Support of graduate and undergraduate teaching programs; Individually Designed Major Program; works with academic departments & programs, the offices of Development and Stewardship, the VPUE, and the VPGE; H&S graduate aid policy; graduate policy; directs the work of the GUS staff

Picture of Sheila Booth

Sheila Booth

Student Services Officer/Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: (650) 723-3067

Manages GUS office; supports Associate Dean; supports Graduate and Undergraduate Student Services Administrators; contact person for graduate student problems

Picture of Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown, PhD

Graduate Diversity Recruitment Officer

Graduate Diversity Recruitment; Summer Research Program

Picture of Marianne Chatterton

Marianne Chatterton

Finance and Systems Analyst
Phone: (650) 723-7245

Graduate aid, including policy, systems (GFS, GFPS, BI), annual budget cycle, and HSDO endowed fellowships; H&S student services authority grantor; manages GUS finances

Picture of Cora Espeleta

Cora Espeleta

Programs Administrator
Phone: (650) 736-9805

Supports Associate Dean, and Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs, Data and Technology; supports grad aid policy & procedure; coordinates events; supports the Summer Research Program(s); manages financial transactions; surveys; website; provides general office support

Picture of Beth McKeown

Beth McKeown, MA

Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Support
Phone: (650) 725-0774

Curricular Review; Academic Accreditation including WASC; Student Services Staff Training and Department Resource

Picture of Ayodele Thomas

Ayodele Thomas, PhD

Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs, Data and Technology
Phone: (650) 724-3712

Graduate Diversity Recruitment & Retention; named and diversity fellowships; GROwebsite; data