Benefits for Postdoctoral Scholars Overview


Welcome to the Postdoc Benefits website. You will find information related to your Postdoc benefits, including retirement, disability, wellness, FAQs, and things you need to know to make benefit decisions and changes. The Postdoc Benefits office regularly updates and adds information to this site in order for Postdocs to stay informed about their benefits while at Stanford.

Benefit Basic and things to Know

The following insurance benefits are provided to all Postdoctoral Scholars and are funded either by the application of an approved fringe benefit rate to the salaries of qualifying (salaried for 50% FTE or more) Postdoctoral Scholars, or by fellowship awards, or - in the absence of one of these two sources - by the Scholar's faculty sponsor/department.


At Stanford, we understand that Postdocs have differing health coverage needs which is why we offer two plan options. The available plans are designed to help protect you and your covered dependents against financial loss.


The dental plan is designed to assist you and your covered dependents by paying a portion of eligible expenses incurred for a wide range of dental services.


Vision coverage is designed to assist you and your covered dependents by paying a portion of eligible expenses incurred for a variety of vision services.

Disability Benefits

A disabling illness can result in financial devastation for you and your family. The disability program is designed to replace a portion of your income if you are unable to work due to an accident, sickness or pregnancy.

Life & Accident Insurance

Stanford Postdocs are provided with a basic life and accident plan through Standard Insurance Company.

Postdoc Assistance Program (PAP)

Designed to help you and your household members identify and find resources to solve personal and work related problems. Use of the program is convenient, cost-free and confidential.

Travel Assistance

Basic travel assistance coverage through Frontier MEDEX is provided to you at no cost. Extended travel assistance meets the J1 Visa requirements for emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains.

Stanford Help Center

The Stanford Help Center offers Postdocs and their families professional and confidential counseling, consultation and training for both personal and workplace issues. The Center also offers workshops and peer support groups that address a variety of issues, as well as facilitation services for difficult conversations.


Stanford believes that exercise is complimentary to the educational purposes of the University. Whether you're a competitive athlete or look to exercise for fitness and well being, the Stanford gyms offer many opportunities to meet your goals.


Resources for the care of infants, children and elders.

Retirement Plan

Available to all salary-paid Postdocs, regardless of the percentage of appointment.


For when your postdoctoral appointment ends, COBRA ensures you have the right to continue your current health benefits.