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Stories About Creativity

Creativity reflects the individual mind at its unexpected best.

Creativity fires the synapses and powers the imagination. It is fearless, innovative, and defiant. Creativity respects knowledge but is never constrained by what is known. It enables the mind to imagine what does not yet exist and explore paths to make it happen.

When it soars, creativity fuses intelligence and knowledge with purpose. It thrives at that level across Stanford, pushing every field in surprising directions.

Stanford attracts and cultivates great creative minds. In every discipline, professors inspire students to challenge their own thinking, to connect ideas in fresh ways, and to invent from the ground up. 

And, as students develop their own intellectual artistry, they prompt their professors to consider new worlds of possibility.

  • Kwami ColemanKwami Coleman
    Musicology PhD student Kwami Coleman is captivated by jazz as both a scholar and an artist. Some of Coleman’s earliest memories are of playing jazz piano, but he says his relationship with music has evolved since that time. He spent… Read more
  • Jhanvi ShriramJhanvi Shriram
    Jhanvi Shriram, ’10 explores the intersection of democracy and media through the lens of a camera. As a political science major and African studies minor at Stanford, Shriram dedicated her time to understanding how film can affect policy and inspire… Read more
  • Mark ApplebaumMark Applebaum
    Plastic combs, shoehorns, ratchets, PVC pipe, doorstops, mousetraps, and Astroturf may sound like a pile of junk, but found objects like these are music to the ears of Mark Applebaum. For the past 30 years, the associate professor of music… Read more
  • Christina CooleyChristina Cooley
    Graduate chemistry student Christina Cooley devotes her time to research in the field of drug delivery. At the Wender Lab, she works primarily on the development of molecular transporters, which attach to drugs that cannot enter a cell or do… Read more
  • Tom McFaddenTom McFadden
    Tom McFadden is passionate about science. And he's on a quest to get students of all ages excited about it as well. After graduating with a degree in Human Biology, McFadden went on to become a course associate for the… Read more
  • Maria Fortiz-MorseMaria Fortiz-Morse
    Filmmaker Maria Fortiz-Morse, ’10 is committed to telling stories about people whose voices are rarely heard. As a Stanford MFA student in documentary film and video, Fortiz-Morse created character-driven films that raised larger social issues. Her work includes Trash-Out, which… Read more
  • Xiaoze XieXiaoze Xie
    Through the eyes of Stanford art and art history professor Xiaoze Xie, the shelves of a library hold so much more than paper. Books and newspapers found in libraries around the world are a primary subject of his art, which… Read more

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