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Preparing for Tenure

Stanford's policy and process related to promotions and tenure are described in the Faculty Handbook.  

Junior faculty members who are in the University Tenure-Line are invited to a number of annual events with the Provost related to tenure at Stanford.  Every winter, the Provost leads a workshop where he describes the tenure review process.  Resource faculty as well as others who are recently tenured join the conversation and share their perspective and experience with the process. 

Additionally, junior faculty members who are coming up for a tenure review are invited to Lunch with the Provost before the end of each academic year.

School of Humanities and Sciences

Promotion to Tenure (Tenure Line)

See Section from the School of Humanities and Sciences Faculty Handbook.

Junior Faculty Leave Program

Tenure-track assistant professors in the School of Humanities and Sciences who are re-appointed to a second term may take a full year of sabbatical at 100% pay (on the nine-month base salary) during their fifth or sixth year. The intent of this program is to provide every re-appointed assistant professor with a full year of leave to enhance the preparation for tenure review and to provide a period of time for pure research leave.  Read more about the Junior Faculty Leave Program - Policy.

School of Medicine - Office of Academic Affairs

Resources for Assistant Professors

Dedicated page within the SoM's OAA site that includes key information on counseling and junior faculty mentoring, flexible work arrangements, and other similar resources.  See more Resources for Assistant Professors.

Office of the Provost - Faculty Affairs

Faculty Handbook

In addition to the School-specific policy, Stanford's Faculty Handbook includes University policies for the professoriate, including those related to promotions, reappointment and sabbatical leaves.