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Search Committee Resources

Stanford encourages the vigorous recruitment and retention of women and minorities as well as others whose backgrounds and experiences would provide additional dimensions to enhance the university’s programs. The following faculty recruitment practices (click on links in the left navigation bar) are offered as guidelines to assist schools and departments in achieving an excellent and diverse faculty.

Faculty Search Committee and Administrator Checklist (PDF) is a general process guide for committee members and administrators conducting open search (i.e., not target of opportunity or search waivers).

Faculty Search Administrator's Resource Guide (PDF) lists university offices that provide resources or assistance with faculty searches.

Recruitment of Diverse Faculty at Stanford: A Quick Guide (PDF) describes selected issues and recommendations for committee members and chairs related to searches.

The online Faculty Search Toolkit site is provided by the VPFDD Office to supplement search materials and guidance provided by schools and departments. It serves as a confidential resource for faculty search committee members and departmental search administrators working on active searches. It includes best-practice pointers for setting up and conducting effective searches, and school- and department-specific resources for implementing outreach.

See Also: Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Policy (Administrative Guide Memo 23)