Technology-enhanced classrooms are designed to facilitate multimedia presentations using SmartPanels, also known as docking stations. SmartPanels in the Registrar's classrooms typically appear as a compact black rectangular wall panel next to the front blackboard. They have jacks which are compatible with Macintosh and PC computers, VCRs, laser disc players, audiocassette decks, microphones, Ethernet connectivity, and campus TV, all of which are controlled by illuminated buttons.

Some of these classrooms contain highly specialized equipment. Demand for these classrooms is high, and their use is reserved for those who need the specialized equipment. Other rooms have scheduling constraints depending on the time of day, where it falls within the quarterly cycle, and whether the request is for academic or non-academic purposes. Contact the if you have questions about room scheduling policies and procedures.

You can find additional information and photographs of rooms on the Webviewer; see the Registrar's Webviewer Information page for more information.

A standard technology-enhanced classroom scheduled by the Registrar's Office includes:

  • Smart Panel with video, audio, and computer input jacks. Note: cables are not provided; the user is responsible to supply all cables.
  • Data/video projector (with resolution up to 1024 x 768)
  • Enhanced lighting and window treatments
  • Access to the Internet. Note: Network connections are not supported by Classroom Technology Support.
  • Playback audio system
  • Overhead projector
  • Installed VCR

Contact Classroom Technology Support: (650) 723-7280 or