Computer Usage Policies

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the academic endeavors of Stanford faculty, staff, and students.

We seek to provide relevant, up-to-date computing resources.

We strive to maintain a stable, efficient, and clean computing environment.

We aim to offer our patrons accessible, courteous, and expert consulting support.

Our Policies

Consultants and staff are not permitted to log in to cluster computers for users. It is a direct violation of the University Computer and Network Usage Policy to use another person's SUNet ID to log in or to otherwise access Stanford University computing facilities.

Public computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are no computers available, you will have to wait or return at a later time.

Observe copyright laws. Illegal duplication of software and media is a federal offense. For information on copyright law, see the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Website.

Please help us maintain a clean environment by cleaning up food and drink you bring in.

Before you leave:

Backup files you have placed on the hard disk / local machine.

Throw away any trash from the station.

Quit all applications and log out. You may not log out properly if you do not quit applications!

Make sure you logout! If you do not logout, the next person to use the computer can gain access to your print funds and email account. Academic Computing Services is not responsible for security breaches resulting from a user's failure to log out.

Software installation: Users may save data which does not modify the system configuration or otherwise damage the system or make it unusable for other patrons. Failure to observe this policy is grounds for revocation of Academic Computing Services usage privileges. In addition, Academic Computing Services does not guarantee the safety of data stored on public machines. Any data saved on the local machine may be deleted from the hard drive or viewed by other users. You should save your work to a shared network disk on which you have storage space, or to a removable storage medium (e.g., USB flash drive or portable hard drive).

Refunds: Academic Computing Services makes refunds only in the form of like-item exchanges (in the case of merchandise or bad prints). We can only make refunds if the hardware, software, or information provided by Academic Computing Services or our staff is at fault.

Academic Computing Services reserves the right to deny service to any patron who is found in violation of any cluster or Stanford computer usage policy.