Our Faculty

Global Recognition

Stanford faculty members hold Pulitzer and Nobel prizes. They balance ground-breaking research and constant invitations to lecture around the world. They hold patents and poetry awards. They are repeatedly consulted by and asked to become high-ranking government officials and noted corporate executives. But despite these accomplishments, in the end they are most distinguished by the genuine excitement they exhibit when working closely with undergraduates. Learn more about The Stanford Faculty.

Community of Scholars

Stanford students find in their professors a community of scholars appreciative of diversity and bold in their outlook. These faculty members serve as research mentors and Resident Fellows, freshman advisors and internship sponsors. They are accessible during office hours and at dorm dinner tables.

Stanford recognizes both the teacher and the student as scholars, a perspective that fosters mentoring relationships between faculty and students. This sense of collaboration creates an environment that rewards teamwork, promotes progress and challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Undergraduate Development

Faculty across campus—including graduate and professional school faculty—share their interests and passions with undergraduates. They design freshman seminars based on their passions, lead sophomore college courses to chart a new direction in their research and teach courses at overseas campuses that provide comparative explorations of major issues.

At each step of the undergraduate career, students meet and work closely with faculty members who will become mentors, advisors and friends. They will teach students as much about life as they will about the subject of their courses.

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