Jiří Haleš
October 7 (Wed) - 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Martina Winkler
Director of the Institute of History, University of Bremen
Reuben Hills Conference Room
Encina Hall East (Second floor)

During the seven days in late August 1968, when Czechoslovakia was occupied by troops from five countries of the Warsaw Pact, ten-, perhaps hundreds of thousands of photographs were taken. Many of the images have been published and exhibited, by they have never been analysed in any systematic way so far. They are, however, definitely worth to be examinated carefully - as images that mirror not only pain and terror, but also the ways how Czech and Slovak photographers claimed a position in the global humanitarian discourse.

Martina Winkler, professor of history at the University Bremen. Studied in Berlin (Free University), PhD 1999 (University of Leipzig). Research and teaching positions in: Leipzig, Münster, Berlin (HU), Stanford, Loughborough. She has conducted research on Russian history (mostly 18th and 19th centuries and Central European history of the 19th and 20th history.


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