Register for REEES-related courses for Winter Quarter 2015.

Course offerings include:

REES 220A/320A: Literature and Cultural Politics in the Former Yugoslavia
Explore issues of politics and ideology, social myths and taboos, language, culture and class identity, individual and collective rights through fictional texts by prominent Yugoslav writers.

HISTORY 424A; REES 224A: The Soviet Civilization
Explore Soviet socialist topics including socialist visions and practices of the organization of society and messianic politics, the Soviet understanding of mass violence, poltics and ethnic, and living space.

ANTHRO 150; FEMGEN 150A; REES 250A: Minaret and Mahallah: Women and Islam in Central Asia
Introduction to women's culture and art in Muslim countries of Central Asia, examining women as key figures in the transmission of traditional culture of folk Islam.

IPS 231; REES 231: Russia, the West and the Rest
Focus on understanding the diversity of political, social, and economic outcomes in Russian since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

REES 100/200: Current Issues in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

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