Student Hosted Colloquia: Colloquia Schedule for Academic Year 2012-2013

The Student Hosted Colloquia (SHC) are seminars that appeal to a broad scientific audience. This seminar series, entirely run by graduate students in the Department of Chemistry, aims to select speakers who are engaging, enthusiastic, and interested in interacting with our students. The success of this program is dependent upon support from all students in the department. Seminars in the SHC series are free and open to the public. Unless otherwise stated, they start at 4:15pm in the Braun Lecture Hall.

Month Day Speaker
September 27th Professor Paul Wender, Stanford University,
Kick-Off Colloquia
November 1st Professor Ron Zuckermann, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
November 29th Professor Etsuko Fujita,  Brookhaven National Labortory
January 17th Professor James Mayer, Washington University
February 21st Professor Thomas Meyer, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
April 4th Professor Niek van Hulst,Institute of Photonic Sciences
April 25th Professor Tobias Ritter, Harvard University
May 2nd Professor Fleming Crim, University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 23rd Professor Mark Davis, Caltech