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Connect from off campus

Browser-specific configuration is required to access SUL's restricted databases, electronic journals, or e-books from off-campus locations. These pages offer instructions for various operating systems and web browsers.

Windows - Internet Explorer

Configuring Internet Explorer 8.x / 9.x on Windows for off-campus access

  1. IE 8.x - Click Tools in the browser menu bar.
    IE 9.x - Click on the gear icon in the browser toolbar.
  2. Click on Internet Options.
  3. Click the Connections tab.
  4. For DSL or Cable Modem Internet connections – Click on LAN Settings.
    For Dial-up Internet Connections – Select your Dial-up Setting, then click on Settings
  5. Select the Use automatic configuration script checkbox.
  6. Enter this URL in the Address box.  (This URL must be copied exactly with no spaces):
  7. Uncheck all other checkboxes in this window.
  8. Click OK, click Apply, then close all configuration windows.

Note about on-campus access

With your browser configured as described above, you will be prompted for your SUNet ID and password each time you access a licensed resource, even when you are on campus. If you would prefer to avoid this, revert your browser settings as follows:

  1. Return to the Automatic Configuration window as described above.
  2. Uncheck the Use Automatic Configuration Script checkbox.
  3. Click OK, click Apply, then close all configuration windows.