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Print, copy, scan

In general, printing costs $0.10/page; copying costs $0.13/page; scanning is free. Staff can add cash to their ID cards. Students can use the StanfordCardPlan (activation may take 2-8 hours). Printing and copying credit can be purchased by those without a card

» Find printers, copiers, and scanners.


From library computers: 

Send your document to a printer, then:

  • If you're using your Stanford card:
    1. Go to and login with your SUNet ID and password.
    2. Select the printer you sent document to and verify that you're ready to print.
  • If you're using a prepaid card:
    1. Go to the release station associated with that printer.
    2. Choose your job, swipe your copy card, and verify the charge.

    NOTE: Beginning August 17, 2015, you will no longer be able to use cash to purchase printing and copying credit.  Credit cards will be required. 

From your own computer:

Stanford community members can print to library printers from their own computer, as long as it is registered for use on the campus network. Follow the Printer Setup Instructions, then select the appropriate library printer.

Non-Stanford visitors must use library public computers for printing.


Self-service copiers are available in most libraries.


Self-service scanners are linked to workstations at most libraries. In some libraries, access to the scanner requires a SUNet ID. Scanned files can be saved to your AFS space or your USB drive.


No refunds or credits for bad prints, except in cases of printer failure. See Residential Computing Web-Based Printing: Policies for details.

No cash refunds for bad copies. You can make a replacement copy using a special card available at service desks in the libraries.